Poet-Today | Sumayya Adam Ahmad | Arts-Muse Fair


Drunk in ideas
Choked by words
Niagara of imaginations

She regurgitates beautifully
Ink-stains hearts skillfully
She writes peacefully.



Her fragile body laid
Her heart, a train
pounding down its tracks.
The fire of ache burns
of dark monster
suffocating in hurt
She wished it will stop
but walls are too strong
Stronger than a teak tree
powerful than hydrogen bomb.

Black and blue fear
Pain tearing down her spinal cord.
that the wall could choke and drown
in raging seas of her tears
The storm could lose its strength
compared to darkness of her pains
The earth could freeze
from the shrieks of her soul

If she could once again
Fly and live
to illuminate paths of love
She must soar above the buried
white elephant in her living room.
She waits for the twilight to give way for dawn
for the day to shutdown,
a path to night.
for the moon to sleep
so the Sun can wake up
For her to catch her breath
"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow"

Until then, only Silence remains...


However dim, focus on the light
Don't mind darkness of the night
Trials, tribulations may lead to fright
Don't be a fugitive and take off in flight.
Nurturing fear in your heart is a plight
Like tree, it shall grow to make you weak and uptight.
Like Lion, don't give in without a fight
Like daybreak, be hopeful it'll be alright.
For if you believe, you shall thrive and shine bright.


Amidst stars, you were my Sun
I gave you my whole
dusked for you to dawn
When the path was hazy
never for once did I turn
When the rope was thorny
stubbornly I tightly held on

You promised never to let go
But then,
you turned and left
buried your head in sand
to the creaks of my cracking heart
to the shrills of my rejected dove.

I burnt for you
You burnt for her
So be it!
These wings shall once again fly
And for you it shall be too high to reach.


Sumayya Adam Ahmad is a graduate of B.Sc. Economics from Bayero University Kano, Nigeria. She believes words are weapons that can be skillfully handled to shape the mind. Hence, she loves poetry and enjoys other forms of Word play


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