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Short Story ~ A Journey Beyond Love ~ Sophiyya EmBee

  "After three years I get to see this beautiful face again."  At the sound of his voice, my heartbeat accelerated. Even after all these years, I couldn't forget that voice. For days and nights, it rang in my ears. It haunted my dreams. The thick drawl, was like dripping honey.  "I have changed." I almost whispered without turning around. My voice blending with the wind. He removed his shoes and sat down beside me, putting his legs in the water beside mine. The atmosphere was tense with the friction between us, I could feel it. The strain of the years tugging at our hearts, and every fiber of my body. I wished for nothing more than his arms around me and yet tucked my hands safely between my legs instead of reaching out to pull him to me. I had invited him earlier to meet here. I had tried and failed woefully at getting him out of my mind. I had come to miss him, miss his voice, miss the comfort associated with sitting by his side. It had been difficult survivin

The Schemes of Audu Baduku by Umar Abubakar Sidi

  The face of Badi’atul Jamal, maiden of pure incense, mermaid with the tail of the golden fish, lady of the lavender mist, princess of the light of the skies, queen plenipotentiary, invader of the hearts of men, of male demons, of male spirits and androgynous ghosts, pops up before you. You stare. The tongues of your heart protrude like a chameleon’s, lick her smiles and kiss her dimples. A silent, invisible spear emanates from the heart of her eye and pierces your heart. The cast iron armour, a protective charm Audu Baduku, the half-demon, half-human, crippled cobbler wizard gave you, is helpless as the spear drives through your heart with the ease of a needle piercing a lump of wool. As the spear sears your heart, your countenance changes. You are surprised. A mere spear penetrating a charm of Audu Baduku, the interpreter of the language of the invisible spirits, guardian of the shrine of blood and skulls, the master, discoverer of the seventy-seven condensed mediums of sorcery? Sud

The Arts-Muse Fair is BACK!

Dearest Creative, We are BACK! Have you missed us? Because we have! But hey, we're excited to announce that we're back and ready to dive into business! And we can't wait to receive your exciting creations. While away, we've been exploring new ideas, connecting with inspiring individuals, and delving deep into the ever-evolving world of creativity. We can't wait to bring you along on this journey!!  What can you expect from us in the coming months?  Well, think of us as your art curators; we will be bringing you unique stories, poems, book reviews, and beautiful sights from the art of photography!  We will also share the latest updates from the art and literary world; we will cover festivals, travels, events, and everything arts and Culture. But hey, this isn't just about us—it's about you too! We want to hear your thoughts, questions, and ideas.  Feel free to contact us via comments, email, or our social media handles.  You can also send in your works for pu