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12 Things You Should Know About the ZODML


Forthcoming Book: Bushrah Books (Nigeria) To Release Tohib Adejumo's Short Stories in August.

THINGS WE COULDN'T THINK  by Tohib Adejumo (hard cover). Due August 2017.

In this powerful collection of short stories, Tohib Adejumo (author of the hit online series, Beneath Her Khimar) selects his finest stories about Muslim life and the realities and struggles of faith in this fast-paced, ephemeral world. From Tears in Her Eyes, Mornings Always Come, Things We Couldn't Think, Sparkling Eyes, A Tale of Blood, The Rain Was Not Playing and other stories in this collection, Adejumo explores the intricate depth of the human soul and its ultimate return to its Lord, and lays bare the humanity of his believing characters who go through the never ending drama of life - of love, betrayals, conflicts, doubts, marital rifts, as well as family and social problems.

Tohib Adejumo is a Nigerian writer and a socio-religious activist. He was born on August 18, 1992. He spent his childhood and adolescent years under the care of his grandmother in Ibadan, Nigeria where he attended Ad-Din In…

Interview: I Will Marry A Woman Older Than Me - Tee Jay Dan.

Today is February 14, the birthday of Daniel John Tukura more known as Tee Jay Dan, the multi-talented artist and publisher of the Praxis Online magazine. Earlier in the morning he granted The Arts-Muse Fair Birthday Intercourse a riveting interview about his works and love. Here it is, fresh on his birthday.

Photograpy: Life is a caravan that takes our souls through routes unknown.


New Book: Ogezi's New Play Released on Amazon

Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, also popularly known as the blind Lady Justice, hails from the first generation of the line of the Titans in ancient Greek mythology. The myth woven around her in this play is aimed at bringing to the fore the universal theme of justice and its concomitant principle of equality of all before the naked eyes of the law which are the mainstay of the time-hallowed doctrine of the Rule of Law.
Themis is the mythopoetic story of the goddess’ passion for justice and equity far above primordial sentiments. It foregrounds the sacred place of justice above the wild call of consanguinity and romantic love. Told in a lyrical language that transports the reader or audience to the fabled Mount Olympus, the revered abode of the gods, the play demystifies the gods in the pantheon by conferring on them with some basic human attributes.
The book can purchased through this link:…

Photography Workshops: The Nlele Institute Calender of 2017 Workshops.

The Nlele Institute (African Centre for Photography), a Pan African Art Centre with focus on photography, video art and other lens/time based media has lined up workshops in 2017 for artists. First quarter (March 2017) 1. Critical Text Writing workshops (continuation from 2016 series): 20th - 24 March, 2017.
2. Hidden In Between Lines: A workshop on Copy Rights: 27th - 31 March, 2017 Second Quarter (June 2017) 1. The Studio As The Artists Creative Citadel: 19th - 23rd June, 2017
2. Navigating A Multiple Lane Tunnel ( Workshop on how to conceive, start and complete a photography project with the aid of an effective research strategy): 26th - 30th June 2017.

Third Quarter (September 2017)

1. All Angles of A Story (Questioning the Indoctrinated Notion of The Single Story/Single Image)
    Date: 18th - 22nd September 2017.
2. Photography Matters (The Role of Photography/Image Creation In The face of Global Change).
    Date: 25th - 29th September 2017.

The workshop fees are N10,000.00 (Ten Thou…

Forthcoming Book: Hesterglock Press Releases Francis Annagu's Poetry Book in April.

OUR LAND IN THE BEAK OF VULTURES by Francis Annagu (57 pages, fully-bound, A5) due April 2017. Price £8.00 + postage worldwide
Francis Annagu is an award winning poet and a PoliticalScientist. He writes in mind-blowing images, received the PIN Special Mention, PIN Most Awarded Poet 2016 and was shortlisted for the Erbacce Poetry Prize in England. He was featured on the Blog Talk Radio, nominated for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize and a Poets In Nigeria Connect Centre Representative. His works have appeared in over twenty-five poetry publications, including Lunaris Review, London Grip Poetry Magazine, Kalahari Review, Crannog Magazine, Dead Snakes, Galway Review, Expound Magazine, Potomac Journal, Ayiba Magazine and elsewhere; also in poetry anthologies and blogs. His poetry collection is Rain Upon Us (Classic Age Publishing, 2016).

Poetry Competition: 7th Arojah Concepts/Korean Cultural Centre Poetry Contest Opens Today.

Arojah Concepts in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre in Nigeria (KCCN), will again join the rest of the world in commemorating the World Poetry Day with the annual Korea-Nigeria Poetry Competition & Feast. This year’s edition, which is the 7th in the series, will focus on the STATE OF THE NATION.
We thereby invite interested POETS around the world to submit their entries in accordance with the following guidelines:
• That your submission will be a poetic expression and, or appraisal of the mood/state of the nations of the world, leaders and leadership styles, governance and misrule, politics and politicking, poverty, nepotism, killings, corruption, e.t.c.)
• Each poet can enter a maximum of 3 poems as a single entry
• All entries must conform with the above focus/theme
• All entries must be the original work of the poet and not previously published
• All entries should be in a single file of a word document, sent either as an attachment or in the body of t…