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Call For Participation | Ibadan Independence Day Photography Tour | Epower & TIA Photography

Independence Day Photography Tour Ibadan

Epower & TIA Photography presents Independence Day Photography Tour Ibadan

Want to acquire photography skills or showcase your awesome skills?
Get ready to learn, network & shoot beautiful pictures on the go!

Special attractions:
* Exciting Tours
* Short seminars
* Networking sessions
* Breakout sessions

Take off point: Adamasingba Stadium, Ibadan.
Date: October 1, 2017
Participation: Free, but you must register online before Oct 1. Come looking sporty & pack your own refreshments, especially glucose water.

Inquiries: Hotline: 08078939411, 08075532563

Independence Day just got exciting!

Poetic Travelogue By Khalid Imam | The Arts-Muse Fair

Mr. Khalid lmam, a Nigerian bilingual poet, playwright, essayist, and teacher just returned from Lebanon where he spent 10 days in the Middle eastern country under the auspices of Study Abroad In Lebanon (SAIL) program. The 10-day intensive program is designed to strengthen Lebanon - Nigeria relationship especially in the areas of culture, literature, religion and history as well as expose participants to the beauty of world history through the eyes of Lebanon.  
As one of the ten selected Nigerian writers nominated by The Wole Soyinka Foundation to attend  the SAIL/WSF 2017 Program which was co - hosted by Notre Dame University, Louaize, Lebanon and CEDARS Institute, Mr. Imam, who is the Vice Chairman of the Kano chapter of the Association of Nigeria Authors (ANA) and a member of the Board of Trustees of Poets In Nigeria (PIN), returned to Nigeria with a trove of memories of Lebanon and its people.
In this thrilling poetic travelogue, he brings alive the memories of the many fascinatin…

2017 AMAB/HBF Flash Fiction Competition | Shortlisted Story - The Day You Lost Your Virginity By Fred Atanda | The Arts-Muse Fair

The Day you Lost your Virginity by Fred Atanda

IT happened on a bright December day, in your tiny student-room, and afterwards, you lay outside yourself on the bed, staring at the ceiling above, thinking you'd finally done it. Later, you wrote in your diary: 'My life of nineteen years ended on a bright, sunny day, right before my eyes, right after a bout of rough, less-than-pleasant sex.' (You decided against ‘Life as I knew it ended…’, which was truer, or ‘I lost the last of my faith…’, which was more direct but less dramatic, because you wanted something of a drama in the whole affair.)
The sex wasn't good. The bitch – you forgot her name as soon as she mentioned it, and she became marked in your mind simply as ‘the bitch’ – was filthy and wild, digging her fingernails painfully into your ass, asking you to bite her nipples and squeeze her neck. She tired you out. But you hadn't expected any better. John had warned you. 'Cheap girls like that are never any fun.…

News | Oba Of Benin Establishes Royal Academy Of Performing Art

Benin kingdom in Edo state has resolved to formally kick start an academy for art, culture and tourism to revitalize the Benin cultural heritage which was in systematic decay, reports the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).
Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku-Akpolokpolo Oba Ewuare II announced the plan when he played host to some various theatre groups in his palace on Tuesday in Benin.
According to Oba Ewuare, works are near conclusion at the site of the academy which would be named “ Benin Royal Academy of Performing Art “.
The Oba said aside the teaching and learning of various Benin cultural heritage, the academy would also teach deeper proverbial and interpretations of Benin traditional heritage in rhythms and arts.
He said the academy would also serve as learning centre to all categories of persons, especially the young, who are almost veering out of the traditional norms of the society.
Oba Ewuare emphasized that reputable individuals who are well grounded in Benin history, culture and heritage would se…

Call For Submissions | Poems, Photographs, Artworks, Flash Fiction & Short Stories | The Shade Of Women Foundation

The Shade of Women Foundation seeks poems, photographs, artworks, flash fiction and short stories to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child 2017. We also welcome nonfictional prose delivered with a punch.

Submissions accepted from now to Tuesday, October 10 2017


We want to read your writing —The humorous, the thought-provoking and the quirky!

We ask for quality and intrigue in:  * up to 3 poems  * flash fiction (400 words)
* photos/sequential art up to 4 pages
* nonfictional prose up to 2000 words. 
Payment in copies.
Simultaneous submissions accepted if identified as such.
All submissions should be sent as Word doc. to:

Please identify the genre in the subject line in the format: genre_name of writer_title of entry.

For further information about The Shade of Women Foundation
visit :

PS : We’re not an ideal place for unnecessarily explicit content.

Call For Submissions | Anthology Of Little Things & Spaces Of Minna | Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation

The Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria, passionate about documenting Minna city in a book form to give the young people a feel of her past calls for submission of essays about Minna, the Niger State Capital.
The book will be titled “Little Things and Spaces of Minna: An Anthology of Short Essays about the Old Minna”.
Need To Talk About Old Minna In New Ways
It is obvious that there hasn’t been any serious document in a book form that explains the behaviour of Minna and those who lived in her in the past. It is the reason why the Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation Minna desires to relive the city by getting young and old people, particularly the old to bring back those profound moments and memories of places and convergence grounds that had contributed to the molding of characters of individuals that grew in her in those past days.
Therefore, the project is not about the “new Minna”. It is only looking for stories about historic locations within Minna such as Kasu…

News | PIN To Mark 2-Year Anniversary With Special Poetry Reading Sessions

In recognition of the role of poetry as an effective tool of liberation of societies, the Poets In Nigeria (PIN) organisation has planned to celebrate its two years of existence alongside Nigeria’s Independence anniversary in October 2017 with Special Poetry Reading Sessions across the country.
The President of Poets In Nigeria (PIN), Mr. Eriata Oribhabor observed that Literary creativity is a potent tool for the realization of both individual and collective freedom. Adding that poetry has always been used as fierce tool in the fight for human rights, dignity and freedom which PIN intends to project all through the month of October. While declaring October 2017 as a month of Freedom and Creativity, PIN says special poetry reading sessions would hold throughout October in Abakaliki , Akwanga, Badagry, Calabar, and Gombe. Other locations of the special poetry readings are Enugu, Epe, Kano, Makurdi, Obalende, Ojo, Port-Harcourt, University of Ibadan and Yaba, Lagos.
PIN’s two-year anniversar…

New Book | Dazzling Mirage by Olayinka Abimbola Egbokhare | Words Rhymes & Rhythm Publishers Ltd

Book : Dazzling Mirage
Author : Olayinka Abimbola Egbokhare
Publisher : Words Rhymes & Rhythm Publishers Ltd [WRR.NG]
Date of release: September 2017.
“The author succeeds in producing a very realistic tale of loving and faith in an emotively rational style that only a trained and investigative mind can manage. I suspect that in composing her narrative, Egbokhare took time to understudy the challenging world of a carrier of sickle cell; but instead of reducing the medical information to mere data, the author produces a very moving tale that challenges received myths about SS in a hard, superstitious, indifferent, and calculating environment.” — REMI RAJI, Professor of African Literatures & Creative Writing, University of Ibadan
The author of Dazzling Mirage holds a Ph.D in Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan where she teaches writing skills, advertising message development among other courses. In 2014, Dazzling Mirage was adapted into a Nigerian drama film, produc…

ANA Announces Shortlists Of 2017 Literary Prizes

The judges of the Association of Nigerian Authors literary Prizes are pleased to release a shortlist for the 2017 ANA Prizes. A statement from Olatunbosun Taofeek, Publicity Secretary( South) of ANA lists the prizes, names and titles below in no particular order:


1. The Devil’s Pawn - Kukogho Iruesiri
2. What It Takes - Lola Akande
3. Across The Gulf - Dul Johnson
4. Goodbye Tomorrow - Ike Utuagha


1. The Masked Crown – Tunji Ajibade
2. General Ologbosere – Dickson Ekhaguere
3. Magnetism - R C Ofodile
4. Oh Obedeki – Solomon Iguanre
5. Tony Wants to Marry – Jerry Alagbaoso


1. Of Waters and the Wild - Ebi Yeibo
2. For Every Homeland - Obari Gomba
3. A Child of Smell -Seyi Adigun
4. Maiduguri Requiems - Patrick Oguejiofor


1) A Tiny Place Called Happiness -Bura-Bari Nwilo
(2) Gates of Dawn - MSC Okolo
(3) Tales From Our Past - Lucky James.

• In this category, the above listed texts are for Hon…

2017 AMAB/HBF Flash Fiction Competition | Shortlisted Story - The Last Man Standing By Deborah Oluniran | The Arts-Muse Fair

The Last Man Standing by Deborah Oluniran

2am, December 2050

"Come back quick, husband. It seems the baby wants to join us for Christmas." Ibidun would  calmly say with a smile in her voice "I'll be home soon. Five minutes, tops." He would jump down from the plane; it would still be here tomorrow. He would only have to walk down the street before he would find a car he could loan for the night. He would be wearing a polo shirt, 3-quarter shorts and a smile, which would turn to a scowl soon. Nigeria, security would be tight. He would jog across the road and almost run into a police van.  They would hit the break hard and park. "I'm sorry, I'm in haste." he would try to hurry on but a strong hand would hold him back. "You almost got us killed. You didn't look at the road before crossing. "Are you a terrorist, or a thief?" the other officer would say, looking at his tennis and Rolex,  tasting doubt in his own mouth. "You’ll have to come…

Makurdi 2017: All Delegates Must Register Before The Convention Date - ANA Nat. President

The 36th annual national convention of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) is due for  next month (26th - 29th October)  in Makurdi, Benue state. While assuring delegates of a well-planned convention, the National President of ANA, Mr. Denja Abdullah in this interview with The Arts Muse Fair says the Association will no longer tolerate the attitude of  late registration to conventions by members.
TAMF: The annual convention of ANA is due for next month. What is the level of preparation?
Denja Abdullahi: We have set the ground norms in place to ensure a better-organised convention. That started with the publishing of the pre-registration procedure containing some salient features, which we are going to enforce. 
It is not going to be the usual business where you walk in casually to the convention and enjoy all facilities without satisfying the laid down procedures. So, potential delegates should go and re-read and comply with the pre-registration procedures or be ready to face the c…