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Call for Participation | AtWork Tour 2018 | Moleskine Foundation

We are happy to announce the news about our itinerant educational format  AtWork. This year we have decided to unite all the 4 chapters that we are going to implement under the same umbrella topic: AtWork Tour 2018 “I had a dream”. 100 participants, 100 dreams, 100 projects.

The first leg of the Tour is AtWork Rome that will be implemented in partnership with Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea on May 24-27th.  The workshop, held on the premises of the Gallery, will be conducted by our advisor Simon Njami and the created notebooks will be exhibited at the Gallery from May 29th to June 4th.

The call to action this year also includes an open call for participation.  Young creative talents and students from different fields from all over the world can apply for any of the 4 chapters of the tour: Rome, Ndjamena, Kampala, Harare.  The Moleskine Foundation will be giving out a number of scholarships for each chapter that will cover the workshop participation costs.  Find out al…

Call for Participation | 3-months Artists Residency in Africa

Art Noise Travel Residency Program invites visual artists, Applied Artists, designers, Art Theorists/writers, cultural students to explore African Arts and Cultures through work-study relationships with contemporary African Artists and Traditional Artisans as well as personal work across three African countries and their communities for a period of 3 months.
The selected applicants will receive a monthly allowance of up to $2,000 depending on the project, travel allowance, insurance, safety and insurance workspace and residential accommodation in the communities.
All Art created during the residency will be presented either in a public exhibition space.
The presentation should also include a short written presentation about the experience, which will be shared in our magazine at the end of the year.

The selected African countries to be visited are:
South Africa
Lagos (where the final exhibition will take place) *Due to the instability in some African Countries, t…

Call for Participation | 2018 ANA-FUNAI International Conference & Creative Workshop

Founded by the late Chinua Achebe on 27th June 1981, the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) is the umbrella body that caters for the interest of all the creative writers & critics in Nigeria.

Towards achieving the goal of unbundling its annual international convention, the Association has decided to institute an international conference on the rigorous criticism of new, emergent or contemporary Nigerian literature. Towards achieving this, ANA has partnered with Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu- Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI) as the host for its international conference. AE-FUNAI was picked because of its general image as a dynamic, hospitable, art and literary-friendly institution with a burgeoning humanistic ethos.


The Expanding Frontiers conference provides scholars the opportunity to articulate as well as interrogate these new trends and the stylistic evolutions of Nigerian literature in the 21st…

News | A rare union of the Qur'an and the Bible on a palimpsest.

LONDON.-Christie’s announced the results achieved for the palimpsest of a Qur’an copied onto a Christian text, realising £596,790 during the Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds Including Oriental Rugs and Carpets auction. As Lot 1 of the sale, this remarkable manuscript dates to the earliest period of Islam.
The leaves from these folios derive from an earlier Coptic manuscript containing passages from the Book of Deuteronomy, which is part of the Torah and the Christian Old Testament. It was very probably produced in Egypt, home to the Coptic community, at the time of the Arab conquest.
This appears to be the only recorded example of a Qur'an written above a Christian text, and the importance of this manuscript resonates with the historical reality of religious communities in the Near East and as such is an invaluable survival from the earliest centuries of Islam.
Source: ArtDaily Newspaper

Call for Entries | The Alfred Fried Photography Award

The Alfred Fried Photography Award is pleased to announce the 2018 edition.
For the second time organizers also call for entries to the Children Peace Image of the Year.

Take part if you are 14 years or younger!
The honorary chair for the Children Peace Image of the Year is Waris Dirie, a committed human rights activist. The Award is supported by the German Youth Photography Award.

Entry is free of charge.

The five best works of the Alfred Fried Photography Award and the winner of the Children Peace Image of the Year will be honoured with the Alfred Fried Photography Award Medal, the photographers will be invited to attend the award ceremony in Vienna on 20 September 2018, with travel expenses and accommodation paid.

The overall winner Peace Image of the Year will receive a cash price of € 10,000.
The Peace Image of the Year will be shown for one year in the Austrian Parliament and will be included in the permanent art collection of the Austrian Parliament.

The Children Peace Ima…

Call for Applications | Critical Writing Workshop | Centre for Contemporary Art Lagos

The Editing Room: Critical Writing Workshop Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos.
Initiated by CCA Lagos’ Associate Curator,  Iheanyi Onwuegbucha and Led by Paris-based French and English curator and Writer, Caroline Hancock.
The Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, invites young curators, art writers, critics, and practitioners involved in (or interested in becoming more involved in) art criticism and curating to a series of critical writing workshops that will take place throughout 2018. This forms an important part of the 12-month long programme to celebrate CCA, Lagos’ 10th anniversary. The workshops are designed to highlight recent shifts and activities in cultural production and in turn provide participants with tools to generate critical responses to a dynamic and vibrant art sector. The different sessions of the workshop will be led by seasoned professionals with a focus on strengthening participants' critical skills, especially in creating a discursive platform …

Poet-Today | Abdulsamad Papilo | The Arts-Muse Fair

A puppeteer of my mind you bewilder my every thought The good and bad you bind And sail to your cessation court My intuitions become blind And for your directions I sort.
A conjurer of my emotions I'm so subsumed in your shadow My instincts are open to seductions To your lead I now follow My psyche yearning for solutions As my sanity is carved hollow
You invade my delicate sentience And arrest my fickle conscience My wit is devoid of patience It bows to your seductive presence Like was drowned the Pharaoh of yore who was full of incense Only divinity can end for me this bleak sentence

********** Abdulsamad Papilo is a budding poet. He holds a Bsc. Economic from Ahmadu Bello University  Zaria. He was born in 1993 and raised in Kaduna State, Nigeria. His hobbies are writing, reading, playing board games and listening to good music.

Book review | Igoni Barrett’s "From Caves of Rotten Teeth"

Book: From Caves of Rotten Teeth
Author: A. Igoni Barrett
Publisher: Daylight Media Ltd. 2005
Reviewer: Nana Sule
From Caves of Rotten Teeth (Short Stories)
There are fourteen stories in this book. What each story does is not to immerse the reader in a world where he is marveled by some artistry, but to help the reader recognize their self in them.
The stories explore adultery, unemployment, poverty, violence and the everyday circumstances that can arise from living in Nigeria at this time. Although set in 2005, these stories are more a reflection of how sadly, as a nation, the country is still flying on sore wings.
While each story is written with careful narration, simple sentences and matching metaphors, They would be Swine is the one that hits home. Never had the Nigerian Police checkpoints and the simple waste of time and domineering nature of armed men been better portrayed. There, in that one narration, lay the summation of all that is wrong with a country. Yet if finding a child’s h…

News | Teen artists’ festival now to hold next month

The second edition of the annual Nigerian Festival of Teen Artists (NIFESTEENA) earlier scheduled to hold next week in Kaduna, Kaduna state has been postponed to next month. It will now hold from May 6 to 9, 2018. A statement from the Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation, organizer of the festival, explained that the postponement was to accommodate the interests of secondary school students currently on vacation.
The first edition of the festival held last year in Minna, Niger state. NIFESTEENA is a platform where Nigerian teen artists who are students or pupils and aged no more than 20-yrs annually converge to display their talents through contests, exhibitions and discourses. The festival draws participants from all over Nigeria to compete for prizes in the categories of poetry writing, short story writing, painting and photography. Other categories are spoken word, performance poetry, folksong, English song and cultural display.

The festival theme this year is ‘Teen Authorship as a Stra…

News | AWF revives Abuja Literary Festival

The Abuja Writers Forum (AWF), organizer of the Abuja Literary Festival will host the festival this year from June 28-30, 2018 in Abuja after a hiatus. Edith Yassin, the Public Relations Officer of the AWF in a statement explained that the Festival is being re-launched to mark the tenth anniversary of the Abuja Writers Forum that began its literary activities in June 2008.
The festival will feature bookrama sessions with authors from within and outside Abuja, panel discussions, film screenings, drama performances, an international art and photo exhibition, poetry performances, a five-day drama workshop, a book exhibition and a script-pitch.
The workshop is designed for potential dramatists between the ages of 18-35, focusing on developing scripts relevant to societal development and will be facilitated by two experienced dramatists.
There would also be a one-day digital media training for the workshop participants as part of the Festival. The objective is for the participants to recognis…

News |15 writers shortlisted for the Pleasant Library/Makarantar Mallam Bambadiya short story competition

Organizers of the maiden Pleasant Library and Books/Makarantar Mallam Bambadiya Hausa short story contest have released the shortlist of 15 from a longlist of 50 as selected by the judges. Winners of the final prize will be announced in June at a ceremony due to hold in Katsina.

The 1st Prize winner of the competition will receive N55,000 while the 2nd Prize winner will receive N35,000 and the 3rd prize winner will receive N25,000. Consolation prizes will be provided to writers on positions 4th to 12th of N12,500 each.

As earlier announced, all shortlisted stories will be edited and published as an anthology, to be launched on an announced date.

Here are the shortlisted writers:

1. Na'ima Abdullahi from Katsina State. Title of story: Zagon Kasa

2. Kabir Yusuf Fagge from Kano State. Title of story: Matalauciyar Rayuwa

3. Zakariya Haruna from Kano State. Title of story: Da Sandar Hannunka

4. Fadila H. Kurfi from Katsina State. Title of story: Rayuwar 'Ya Mace

5. Abubakar Yusuf Mada from…