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In 2014, the Abuja Writers Forum (AWF) started a Writing Workshop series covering introductory, intermediate and advanced phases of fiction, poetry and drama writing. 

Yakori bint Muhammad is attending the ninth introductory edition of the workshop on poetry which began last Saturday 7th October 2017, to continue on the 14th, 21st and end on Saturday, 28th October.

She reflects on the workshop and adds words of advice for budding writers.

Gratitude: A Writer's Reflection
7th October, 2017.
By Yakori bint Muhammed

Yesterday, I posted 3 quotes of mine on my status on WhatsApp in gratitude to writing for how much I'd earned and improved all through these years in my writing journey. They were my earliest compositions, which over the years birth the reflective type of writing which I never knew I could do. My forte had been poetry and not prose. So, I have been sceptical to venture into prose. Yet, nature steered my path to forms it knew defined my path in writing - poetry and prose (with an element of poetry).

One amongst the 3 quotes yesterday is 11 years old and it's marvelling how much I've grown. Oh Lord! It’s not by my doing but by Your mercies. I praise You for the gift of being able to put words together that'll not only stir emotions in one but also define a genre of writing. I have learned since joining the Abuja Writers Forum (AWF), that it's not enough to only have a talent but to keep polishing it always so one will churn out great creations of art using one of the oldest forms of  expressions - words. Being around like-minded enthusiasts keeps one grounded and productive, though you as a member of a creative platform need to consciously make yourself aware of the importance of developing your talent. 

Today, I started an introductory workshop on poetry and it broadened my horizon to how extensive poetry is. Beside composing a poem, the elements, structure and form of writing which defines the dynamic art of poetry, is not only rich but has a history that dates back several civilisations. I hope that at the end of the 4 sessions of the workshop and the subsequent intermediate and advanced editions, I can review poetry not only as a reader but also as a critic with considerable knowledge on the origin of poetry. A peek into its history was very informative and an adventure. I had an extensive, yet enjoyable session today. Looking forward to more, God willing.

My words of advice to anyone wanting to take the creative writing path is to always look out for opportunities that would aid one to polish their gift of writing. It will be worth it and add sparkles of feathers to your potentials. Even though one may have other paths of interests that are not inclined to writing, don't forget you are endowed with the gift of writing to make use of it to not only express yourself, but to communicate your voice which will impact others. 

While you're working on creating your individual paths in designated fields, do have it at the back of your mind that someday writing will knock on your door to invite you to yet another journey. I am a living witness to the benefits of consistently learning in bits, trying to improve my potential. It is worthwhile and a privilege to be graced with its blessings. Let's endeavour to push ourselves when we can and benefit from the genre of our interest; fiction, poetry, or drama.

It can be a bit challenging but when you realise the benefits you're in for, it'll be a substantial venture in identifying your craft and also understanding its nuances. We all have raw talents and it'll be futile to allow life's seasons bury it. Hoping we all birth our purposes someday, be it in writing and (or) otherwise.

May each and every one of you find joy in what you enjoy doing and passionately devote your time and energy in following your course.


Yakori bint Muhammed is a graduate of IT but an art enthusiast. Words fascinates her and poetry is what she knows how to do best. She enjoys penning reflections and quotes. A nature and animal lover, she is a member of the Abuja Writers’ Forum (AWF).