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Call for Participation: Residency Programme for Artists and Curators from Berlin and Lagos

The Goethe-Institut Nigeria, in cooperation with 16/16 residency in Lagos and the Berlin art institutions, ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics, SAVVY Contemporary and Galerie Wedding, is offering residencies for artists / curators from Lagos and Berlin. Goethe-Institut Nigeria in the context of its partnership with the Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U) in Berlin, the cultural office of local government Berlin Mitte, SAVVY Contemporary Art Space Berlin and 16/16 Lagos, continues with a  residency programme for artists and curators  from Berlin and Lagos. Since its founding in 2015, the aim of »Artist’s and Curator’s Residency // Berlin-Lagos« has been initiated to strengthen the dialogue between Germany and Nigeria. It provides an individualized offer in order to get an insight into the art and culture scene of the respective city and the partner institutions. They will offer possibilities of exchange, mentoring, making contacts and the presentation of work results

Fiction ~ I have cut this futile cycle to start all over ~ Terkule Aorabee (Snr)

Pic: Aminu S Muhammad              The possibility of their seeing the note was doubtful. Even as I lay on my bed, I could hear the aggressive exchange of gunfire across the River Buruku, less than five kilometers away. I knew that some of the rattling voices were theirs. What irked me most about the whole show was the thought of finding myself trapped in a hole like a rodent once the enemy crossed the river.             I found myself in the middle of the inter-communal conflict but was forbidden from fighting; I was a long-distance arrow, not to be used for small hunts. My service to the community was only to use the pen and my mind in intellectual warfare against her enemies. This position of seeing the action yet not able to participate when one’s age mates were at the heart of it all created a crack in my sanity. They would come home marching victoriously, or on the shoulders of others as corpses, heroes. Could this have been what lured Chris Okigbo to the front, abandon

Winners of the 2019 Nigeria Prize for Teen Authors – Judges Report

Judge: Ismail Bala, Bayero University, Kano (poetry). Judge: Mahmud Zukogi, Bayero University, Kano (prose). 1st Positions  - N120, 000 each. 2nd positions  - N80, 000 each. 3rd positions  - N50, 000 each. Poetry 1st Position: Do not Bury Me by Adamu Usman Garko - Gombe High School, Gombe State. 2nd Position: Carved by Zakiyyah Dzukogi - Himma International College, Minna, Niger State. 3rd Position: Poetic Musings by Muna Sheikh Lemu - Himma International College, Minna, Niger State. Prose 1st Position: Nowhere to Run by Tofunmi Adeoya Abiola - Dansol High School, Ikeja, Lagos. 2nd Position: City of Smoke by Mujaheed Ameen Lilo - Sunshine International School, Kano. 3rd Position: Destined by Salamatu Abdullahi - Himma International College, Minna, Niger State. Judge’s Report: Poetry . The following texts are deserving of this year’s Prize: Do Not Bury Me        Winner Carved                       1st Runn

Poet-Today ~ Eneminyene Eromosele ~ The Arts-Muse Fair

''ITELE'' To the dusk whose sun, refuse to set while mystery clouds embrace it's vest. When faint lines with dazzling stars come bold to stand amidst the amphora's arm while shelves without books, shed ignorance with their dusty eyes they will see your rays Even dark clouds that trail your kerb to sink her casted shadows on your moonwalk steps, will see your rays. I   Y A   M   I      A   J   E This fallen breast Raised thousand clans The pains which danced around My little waist brought your fathers to life Your Ancestry is written With wrinkles on my forehead And your history is sketched On my simian line I was, before darkness I was, before light I waited for the birth of moonlight And I witnessed my shadow's death But forget this not That you share my strength For your umbilical cord Ties us abound one path And your generations shall Pay tributes to Osun

We are talking virginity ~ Nansfit Muhammad

Ni : Virginity Before you call a woman a slut, do some work to find out where she belongs. Don’t get it twisted. For most women, earthly, there are three categories. Yes three, built by comportment of the mind. And these cannot be determined by mere sight, a look at the garment or visible ornament. It is not social or economic, it is neither cultural not genetic: it is the feeling; unwavering, stern, grit, tenacious and rooted to the woman phenomena. Her identity. We are talking virginity. The dominant cultural understanding is that a woman who’s never had intimate sexual relationship with any man is a virgin. Yes, she is. But that’s just one, and the common category. There are 3. One ( ni ): is the sexual virgin, who’s sexual chastity is intact - nothing has been broken by the human flesh. Two ( guba ): is the masculine virgin, who takes her man (husband or otherwise) as a god; they believe in them and have total submission to his will and absolute trust in his