Poet-Today | Sophiyya Embee | The Arts-Muse Fair


I am naught
But the vestibule
That connects your words

I am the voice
The vocal cords
Of your hidden notes

I am the vast ocean
Abundant, deep and blue
But never to quench your thirst

Wander and get lost
In this desert that I am
Seeking company in camels and cactus

Blend in the city of me
Amidst the great minds
Roaming my streets

Let it be known
That I am free for all
To seek and drown

Let it be known
That I'm the best companion
In this journey called life


For You
I'll walk a thousand miles
For You
I'll wear my brightest smile

For You
I'll take all the pain
For You
I'll walk through the rain

For You
I'll go round the world
For You
I'll hold when you're cold

For You
I'll forsake my life
For You
I'll be the best wife

For You
I'll love, today, tomorrow and forever.


Green as the field
To the earth; a shield
A beauty to behold
Such is the wonder of nature

Blue as the sky
Wherein the birds fly
A beauty to behold
Beyond the horizon of the mind

Clear as the waters
Oceans, lakes, ponds and rivers
A beauty to behold
In the sight of nature lovers

Starry night skies
Where my dream lies
A beauty to behold
For none can compare


Sophiyya EmBee is a budding poet and writer. She is an unrepentant lover of books, Tea and cats.