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About the book

The three nations of Ibotoro, the Fua and the Orin inhabite the same land but co-existence remains a farce as deep hared, constant wars and an unrepentant desire to dominate each other runs very deep.

Yondale, a peasant of the Orin nation has stubbornly fallen in love with Princess Mshilla of Orin whose mother is the tyrannical and iron-fisted queen Omineza. This is taboo, a total outrage. He is declared wanted for treason and flees from Orin.

In a twist of fate, Yondale’s tabooing and escape coincides with the pestilence ravaging the Ibotoro nation and the deadly famine in Fua, leaving a toll of deaths, scars of suffering and an uncertain future. Yondale knows that unless he attains an uncommon significance, he can never be with the princess. He also knows that for all three nations to survive, they have to be unified as ONE.

Though a peasant, Yondale is consumed by the love the princess and is obsessed with unifying all three nations into ONE as the only way of gaining the significance to become ONE with the princess.

Whether of love or of a nation, the journey to one will drive the willpower of all in a quest to unbearable limits.

‘No future is built without sacrifice, sometimes... The ultimate sacrifice’

About the Playwright

Oliver Iorkase is a beautiful artist, a human cocktail of creativity. He has authored a body of works, which include Jargon Republic, Naked Confidence, The Knowledge of Hiss Will and Forty Shades of Sorry. He has also written stage plays;  Jiji...rhythms of the human dance , Irajami...when sorrow bleeds joy,

Fire in my Bones, The journey to One, Forty Shades of Sorry and Jargon Republic have also been adapted to stage plays.

Oliver Iorkase is also an accomplished cinematographer, graphic artist and video editor.