Minna Book Club Hosts Open Mic This January

The Minna Book Club opens its activities for the year 2018 with an open mic. Scheduled for Saturday, January 13, the event will have discussions on books and literary events and contests.

Nana Sule, Coordinator of the club, in statement said guests will get to read their literary works alongside scrabble game at the occasion which will hold at AMAB Bookshop, No.1, Himma school road, Minna, Niger state.

The Minna Book Club was formed in 2016 by AMAB Books & Publishing.  It holds meetings for members regularly that are dominated by book readings, literary discussions and scrabble competitions.

In December 2016, the club organised a food-donation to the Minna orphanage and a reading for the orphans where Khadijah Muhammad, author of My Life As An Almajiri, read to the children from her book.