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Call for Participation: Minna Poetry Slam 2021 ~ Just For Words

  Just For Words Arts Initiative invites spoken word poets all over Nigeria to participate in the Minna Poetry Slam 2021 and win N50,000 in cash prize.   Minna Poetry Slam 2021 consists of three rounds covering three themes. Participants will be eliminated from each round up until the final round, where the judges will pick a winner for the prize. Each participant is expected to have poems for each round. The poems must be written and performed by the original author. THEMES AND TIME LIMITS Round 1: Rape — 1 minute Round 2: Violence — 2 minutes Round 3: Mental Health — 3 minutes There are only 20 slots for participants this year. Apply now and get shortlisted. Registration for the slam is for a fee of N1,000. Payment confirms registration. Minna Poetry Slam 2021 will be judged by a panel of individual judges. For participation, send a message via any of our social media handles, email or the WhatsApp numbers below, with your full name and formal intention to parti

Poet-Today | Sophiyya Embee | The Arts-Muse Fair

KNOWLEDGE I am naught But the vestibule That connects your words I am the voice The vocal cords Of your hidden notes I am the vast ocean Abundant, deep and blue But never to quench your thirst Wander and get lost In this desert that I am Seeking company in camels and cactus Blend in the city of me Amidst the great minds Roaming my streets Let it be known That I am free for all To seek and drown Let it be known That I'm the best companion In this journey called life FOR YOU For You I'll walk a thousand miles For You I'll wear my brightest smile For You I'll take all the pain For You I'll walk through the rain For You I'll go round the world For You I'll hold when you're cold For You I'll forsake my life For You I'll be the best wife For You I'll love, today, tomorrow and forever. A COLORFUL WORLD Green as the field To the earth; a shield A beauty to behold Such is the wonder

The Babishai 2017 Haiku Prize Shortlist Is Out – 8 Nigerians On The List

Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation has announced a shortlist of eighteen for the Babishai 2017 Haiku Prize with eight Nigerians on the list “The shortlist is filled with unwavering talent, intricate African imagery and recognizable brilliance” organisers say in a release this evening. The shortlisted poets are:- 1. Charlotte Akello from Uganda 2. Usman Karofi from Nigeria 3. Kariuki wa Nyamu from Kenya 4. Anthony Itopa Obaro from Nigeria 5. Ahmad Holderness from Nigeria 6. Fred Kweku Forson from Ghana 7. Acen Miriam Carolyne from Uganda 8. Kwao Jonathan Tetteh from Ghana 9. Nnedi Ezenwa Ohaeto from Nigeria 10. Alawonde Theophilus Femi from Nigeria 11. Justice Joseph Prah from Ghana 12. Osemwengie Zion Nigeria 13. Abubasam Fahad Mutumba from Uganda 14. Akor Emmanuel Oche from Nigeria 15. Dan’bala Umar from Ghana 16. Obaji-Nwali Shegun from Nigeria You may read the full winning haikus from here