Flash fiction | My Predator by Marjaan Sadiq

By Marjaan sadiq
My hands were trembling as I knocked at his door. Music blared from inside the apartment. I recognised the song immediately; Unleash the Dragon by Sisqo. I smiled, the man is some old school.

He opened in less than a second, almost like he had been by the door, awaiting my arrival. His appearance didn't help, it made me flustered. He was wearing a multi-coloured button-down shirt. The only problem was that the shirt was not buttoned-down, all the buttons were undone and he was not wearing anything inside it. I halted. That was definitely unprofessional. Then it hit me, coming to his house was also unprofessional. I shifted my eyes from his torso to his face, willing them not to wander further. He was young, younger than I expected a bank manager to be. He was probably in his mid-thirties.

"Nina right?" He asked, smirking. My eyes widened: did he just lick his lips? Hmm, I was probably imagining it. I toyed with the idea of lying that I wasn't Nina, that perhaps I had the wrong house, and just go back home.

"Well would you come in?” He asked again, interrupting my thoughts. I didn't answer, I simply nodded, and swallowed my fears.

Clutching tighter at my purse and the large file that held my credentials, I walked into the house timidly, placing one cautious foot in front of the other. The fear ripping through my chest was evident on my face. My face had always been like a see-through glass to my heart, all emotions on display. He was smiling crookedly, delighting in my fear.

I'd barely set my second foot down when I let my eyes travel disdainfully down the rest of his body, taking in his entire appearance. Something caught my eyes; his trousers fly was undone. Peeking at me from behind the opening was... Oh Horror! My mouth dropped wide open. I froze for a tenth of a second.

I'd turned to make a run for the door when I felt something warm and sticky grip my hand, jolting me back inside. I'll looked down at my arm. I didn't need to look back up to confirm whose fingers were wrapped tightly around it. I heard the door shut and the bolt snap. In my head, I knew what was about to happen, but in my heart, I hoped that I knew wrong. I looked at the face of my predator, his smile had become evil, his eyes a shade darker with the lust that was burning in them. I felt my heart enlarge, felt blood rushing into it, but the flow was abnormal.

I silently counted one, then I let the piercing scream fill the air.


Marjaan Sadiq is a journalist and writer. She lives and work in Kano, Nigeria. She loves to read. She writes a lot of fiction.