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New Book ~ My Qur’anic Book of Manners ~ Fatima I. Kokori-Ojenya

Year of publication - 2019 Number of pages - 87 Publisher - Thaqalayn Publications Limited About the book The book is a collection of moral stories founded on Qur'anic values. Verses of the Qur’an are used in the story telling to ease understanding by readers.  It is a book that enables religious understanding for kids and people of all ages. About the author Fatima I. Kokori-Ojenya hails from Okene,   Kogi State. She is the Proprietor of Leaders and Heirs Academy , Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria. She's interested in impacting kids' lives to make them good citizens of the world. Her other books include Mardiyya: My Little Daughter . She's happily married with 9 children. To buy the book, call/WhatsApp- 08023258341. Abuja -08023146180, 08056013282. Kaduna -07033538256. Lokoja -08063826395, 07053075242, 08033320464. Lagos -08037038704, 08022726003. Minna -08090765313, Warri -07063302696. Zaria -08076720860.

Book Review: Umar Abubakar Sidi's 'The Poet of Dust' as Meta-Poetry and the Quest for a Generation’s Manifesto ~ Paul Liam

Every generation of Nigerian poets has defined and conceptualized the ideological premise of its writings: from the oral opulence of Gabriel Okara’s generation to the Wole Soyinka-Christopher Okigbo's cultural consciousness and the demystification of colonial narratives of subjugation, to the Osundare-Ofeimum's social-marxist panegyrics of the dignity of the masses in a dystopian society, to the anti-despotic dirges or protest poetics of the military era, succinctly represents their distinct ideological forte. The older generation of writers conceived the functionality of literature beyond the aesthetics, of course, this doesn’t imply that aestheticism was relegated to background; they were able to consciously merged the two together, beauty and meaning. They instituted a leitmotif from one generation to another, reminiscent of the traditions of western literature: from the classical age, renaissance to the romantic and modernist periods respectively. These ideolog

Book Review | Easy Motion Tourist by Leye Adenle | Fiction published by Cassava Republic

BOOK: Easy Motion Tourist. AUTHOR: Leye Adenle PUBLISHER: Cassava Republic REVIEWER : Nana Sule “ In the open gutter by the road, flourishing with wild vegetation and an assortment of discarded plastic bags, lay the body of a girl ” What Guy Collins, a British journalist would find on his second night in Lagos, Nigeria, would be the body of a young girl, devoid of its breasts. He would have originally come to cover the presidential elections for his news line. He would have fought amongst his colleagues to be in Nigeria, only so he could return to Mel - his ex . To tell her how Nigerian he could be, and how she needed to take him back for he understood her people. But he would get arrested by the Nigerian Police, he would almost sleep in a Nigerian cell, and he would meet the beautiful Amaka. And Amaka would steer him in another direction. “I work for a charity. We work with prostitutes. We give them counselling, financial support, shelter if they nee

New Book | The Journey To One By Oliver Iorkase | AMAB Books & Publishing

About the book The three nations of Ibotoro, the Fua and the Orin inhabite the same land but co-existence remains a farce as deep hared, constant wars and an unrepentant desire to dominate each other runs very deep. Yondale, a peasant of the Orin nation has stubbornly fallen in love with Princess Mshilla of Orin whose mother is the tyrannical and iron-fisted queen Omineza. This is taboo, a total outrage. He is declared wanted for treason and flees from Orin. In a twist of fate, Yondale’s tabooing and escape coincides with the pestilence ravaging the Ibotoro nation and the deadly famine in Fua, leaving a toll of deaths, scars of suffering and an uncertain future. Yondale knows that unless he attains an uncommon significance, he can never be with the princess. He also knows that for all three nations to survive, they have to be unified as ONE. Though a peasant, Yondale is consumed by the love the princess and is obsessed with unifying all three nations into ONE as

Readers Choose Their Favourite Books For GaRARA 2017

The Speech House International have officially announced 52 nominees in 13 categories for the first Grill and Read Annual Readers’ Awards (tagged GaRARA 2017). The categories are: B ook of the Year, Author of the Year; Discovery of the Year; Book Review Site of the Year; Reader's Event of the Year; Book Club of the Year; Celebrity-Reader Motivator of the Year; Reader's Show of the Year (Radio or TV); Book Cover of the Year; Publisher of the Year; Reader-Motivator of the Year, Reader's Person of the Year; and   Library of the Year. A statement from Pelu Awofeso listed the titles on the shortlist to include:   Carnivorous City (Toni Kan); A Tiny Place Called Happiness (Bura-Bari Nwilo); After They Left (Edify Yakusak);   Avenger of Blood (Franklin Fynecountry); Route 234 (travel anthology); and The Crazy Nigerian (Tonwapiri Anthony). During the call for nominations in January, organisers said the awards were to recognise the literary community to the so

8 Fact-Fruits From The World’s Biggest Book Garden.

The Guinness World Records documented the Barnes & Noble flagship bookstore in US (New York), having an area of 154,000 square feet and more than 12 miles of shelves, as the world’s biggest individual bookstore based on square footage since 1999. However, this record of the world’s largest brick-and-mortar bookstore is about to change with the inauguration, last week, of the Tehran Book Garden. On the other hand, perhaps a new category for the World Biggest Book Garden may have just been birthed.   Here are eight fact-fruits picked from the Book Garden that supports this record-breaking or record-making statement. Have a bite.      1.       The Tehran Book Garden, located on Abbasabad Hills in the northeast of the city of Tehran, covers an area of 65,000 square meters (about 700,000 square feet). 2.       The Book Garden is to serve the educational and cultural needs of visitors to the complex as well as guests to the annual Tehran International Book Fair.