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Pic: Aminu S Muhammad

Of Trust Betrayed

Sons of Jezebel!
With honey tongues
On first attempt
Beckon to the gatekeepers
To worship at the sacred grooves
Patient and sly in their supplications
Victims become relics of their worship

I See Her

Not knowing
Not seeing
Yet I see her

In dreamland
Endless lush green meadow
Stretched beyond reach

Son of the Wind

You howled the hurricane
To the threshold of locked-up desire
You unlatched the
Safe treasure
Stored up
On the fringe of pledged loyalty
With thy tsunamic strength
You left adrift the daughter of the sun

Arise you must
From the darkened sky
Breathe thy fertileness on the
Fringes of sterile sky
Undo the strength of the wind
Shine forth thy blazing flame


He untamed
The beast of passion
He floats by every curvaceous body

He untamed
The volcanic passion
Treading through forbidden magmas
To a mass treasure of forbidden laurels

He untamed
The passion asleep
Yet left the conquered mermaid
Adrift in illusion
Of desires in the depth of the sea.

Peace Sorochi Longdet is a writer and lecturer with the Department of English, Federal College of Education, Pankshin, Plateau State, Nigeria. She has participated in National and International conferences, and has published articles in reputable journals. In 2017 she won the Fellowship of Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research, for the documentation of Mwaghavul Oral Literature. She holds a Ph.D. in English, and her research interests include Computational Folkloristics, African Literature, Gender Studies, Children Literature and Creative Writing.


  1. Have always known you for a great woman, everything about you is educationally unique. Go higher my role model.


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