Poet-Today ~ Nkemjika Christian ~ The Arts-Muse Fair

                                       is an assassin.
                                          a wild teen
                                     who has caged the
                                     frail old air and now
                                 bullies me into taking my
                          bathtub to be my dearly not beloved
                      nanny. This weather is an assassin. It is a
                mountain that urges me to climb her. To climb her.
        To climb her. But does not equip me with the climbing tools.
 This weather is an assassin. This weather is an assassin. This weather...

The stretch marks from
My scars
Are now what you treasure
But I still can't look
At them squarely. So,
Let me see them through
Your eyes
And learn to see me
As us.
                    You have, to me,
               The powerful voice of my
                It’s still the rainy season
                 Come, let’s let our
                       Inner rains
                     On each other...


Nkemjika Christian is the author of Beyond Dialogismos and Adeyemi Chronicles; she holds a bachelor degree in English, UNN and a Masters in Tourism Development, UI. A Fellow of the Ebedi International Writers' Residency, Iseyin, she has read her works at several literary events across Nigeria, and also attended several literary festivals including the Garden City Literary Festival and Festival Poetry Calabar. She lives in Lagos.