Poet-Today ~ Eneminyene Eromosele ~ The Arts-Muse Fair


To the dusk whose sun,
refuse to set
while mystery clouds
embrace it's vest.

When faint lines
with dazzling stars
come bold to stand
amidst the amphora's arm

while shelves without
books, shed ignorance
with their dusty eyes
they will see your rays

Even dark clouds that trail
your kerb to sink
her casted shadows on
your moonwalk steps,
will see your rays.

I  Y A  M  I     A  J  E

This fallen breast
Raised thousand clans
The pains which danced around
My little waist brought your fathers to life

Your Ancestry is written
With wrinkles on my forehead
And your history is sketched
On my simian line

I was, before darkness
I was, before light
I waited for the birth of moonlight
And I witnessed my shadow's death

But forget this not
That you share my strength
For your umbilical cord
Ties us abound one path
And your generations shall
Pay tributes to Osun
For without my womb
The sands will be strangers to your feet


Let's dance to the gods
Play silence in our drums.
Bend the sound of flutes
To suit the stories in our hearts.

Let's dance to the gods,
Let our footsteps remind our toes
Of every sun heat that kissed it
In Western savannas.

Tell the children how strangers came to our land,
The ancestry they took and the book they left.
This book we loved, that caged our minds
History corrupted by White lies.

Our gods and us taken to captivity
Now we talk of mental slavery.
They stole our Festac face-
Took our gods to Europe
And gave them a new religion.

Dance to our stolen gods,
But don’t forget to tell the children our stories
That we dined with gods
That we were once gods
But some, who came with a compass, a crescent moon and a cross,
Changed the course of our journey.


Eneminyene Eromosele is an Afrocentric poet, performer and initiator of Skybird Poets, Uyo. He is a perpetual attendee at Festival Poetry Calabar.