We are talking virginity ~ Nansfit Muhammad

Ni: Virginity
Before you call a woman a slut, do some work to find out where she belongs. Don’t get it twisted. For most women, earthly, there are three categories. Yes three, built by comportment of the mind. And these cannot be determined by mere sight, a look at the garment or visible ornament. It is not social or economic, it is neither cultural not genetic: it is the feeling; unwavering, stern, grit, tenacious and rooted to the woman phenomena. Her identity.

We are talking virginity.

The dominant cultural understanding is that a woman who’s never had intimate sexual relationship with any man is a virgin. Yes, she is. But that’s just one, and the common category. There are 3.

One (ni): is the sexual virgin, who’s sexual chastity is intact - nothing has been broken by the human flesh. Two (guba): is the masculine virgin, who takes her man (husband or otherwise) as a god; they believe in them and have total submission to his will and absolute trust in his ways. They do not protest, even if it is against their desire. Whether hurt or in pain, their man comes before anything else. Three (guta): the devote virgin – is the woman entirely bonded to one man (at a time or forever; it depends). Their love, sacrifice, awe is for one. The departure/ absence of which may lead to a permanent closure for no other. Such women may lose their man to sickness, death, any form or pain or trial, still yet they do not waiver in their love.

Ni, to some is archaic. To some, who wants that? To others, it’s not civilized. She’s just a normal girl with no sexual escapades, adventure or spice, thus she’d be boring. That can be the same for guba and guta. Humans are varieties and desires composed in one. Notwithstanding, there are women who are either one, two and three or one and three or other. Yes. That got spicier for the patriarch-dom. 

At a time that rapid globalization of economies, networking, social media, and weakening cultural barriers have in a way diffused into personalities, unconsciously pressuring individuals to go with the practices of another, making us all look the same, you don’t have to lose you. And to prevent that, you have to first find you.

For across waters, or the carriage of winds, the natural sex of a woman has a constructive identity, one that will have to take a conscious bio-chemical algorithm to alter. Looking into you, you just have to know and understand who exactly are you? How do the invisible neurons equipped in you function? What are the cravings you have? For when you do, your chance(s) for greatness is limitless. The first step is finding out who you really are?

Note: The theory on the three types of virgins was deducted from: “A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty” written by Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882 - 1927)

Nansfit Muhammad has careers in both education and media. She has contributed her time to bucolic development and Literacy. She’s a creative director for EsoEdu Tech. and also an Associate Editor for EsoEdu Magazine. As a writer and poet, her poems are mostly online. Nansfit has also created contents for video and audio productions. She loves to write non-fiction and analyzing architectural buildings.
Her interests lie in Architecture, Agriculture, Environment and Education.