Poet-Today ~ Femi Morgan ~ The Arts-Muse Fair

There are no 53 Suns

There are 53 landmarks that breach
Our brotherhood
Stretches of tongues that collude against us
We bear the brunt of justified rape jalloping through the desert
We whiplash the whips cramming us at the docks

We are told that things have changed
With the handshake of schools, mosques, odd men
Who have displaced our kings.
We are baptised new names that bear the signature of
Greco-roman tales and Mesopotamian corruption so
The world can be one 'civil' whole.

A child that loses his name, his language and the
Ways of his ancestors is lost
Kidnapped to return to rule without a heart
Looking down at his minions with a brutal eye
Hearing the truth as the voice of dissent.
Prisons are filled to the brim, we are trying to salvage
Like buckets,
Waging war against the flood.

As long as men dream
They can look at the tropical sun and dance
Into the night
As long as women tell tales
Children will ask those questions that take us back.

Not all the children of slavery will be shackled in their minds
Not all oppressors’ offspring will want to continue
Their father's trade
May we advance on our own terms
Because the sun shines on all men and women.


Femi Morgan is a writer, editor, curator and media professional. He is the author of Renegade, Whispers, and 3 other books of poetry. His poems have been featured in published anthologies, online magazines, advert copies and Public Relation campaigns. He holds a MA in African Studies (Diaspora and Transnational Studies) from the University of Ibadan. Femi Morgan is also the founder, curatorial director of Artmosphere Nigeria, an arts, culture and social conversation event that has curated projects for 9 years, and is a curatorial advisor at Griots and Bards, a spoken word, visual arts, performances and social conversation event. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.