Poet-Today | Kabiru Salisu Ali | The Arts-Muse Fair


Turn and see
The little you have done
The much you have left
And the 'me' you have lost

Turn and think
Of what you might have done
And all couldn't have left
Only if you know I'd be lost

Turn and smile
Plan what you could have done
Vow, no iota of 'me' would be left
Embrace my residue before it is lost


Oh sweetheart! Turn to my page
Set me free out of this cage
When in your heart my love starts to fade
It's all hot in the sun and hotter under the shade

All over me are marks of ache clear like a montage
The pool of love on your face has turned into a mirage
My heart is yours, you're free to break
In it your affection has long took a trek

I'm a prisoner, your love is the shackles
Tied around wrist, waist and ankles
I remain prisoner your love is the prison
To live out of 'the prison' I see no reason

Life will be acute after your rejection
Body cells become dormant, out of action
I need to hear aye, don't say nay
The cost of your nay my blood will pay!


Kabeer Salisu Ali (K S Ali), is a medical student of Bayero University Kano with a great passion for poetry. He writes poems in English and Hausa. He takes Science as his wife and Poetry as his mistress. When tired of one he goes to the other!