International Day Of Word: Putting The 'Word' To Good Use

By Paul Liam

The significance of the "word" as an instrument of peace amongst cultures and religions of the world permeated the discussions and artistic renditions by secondary school students, writers and poets, when the city of Minna, on November 23, 2017 joined other cities of the world in celebrating the International Day of Word.

The event which was organised in Nigeria by The Art-Muse-Fair News Blog in collaboration with the Niger State Book and Other Intellectual Resource Development Agency, took place at the conference hall of the Agency.

According to the Curator of the Art-Muse-Fair News Blog, Aminu S. Muhammed, who is a writer and a former Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) in Niger state, the event sought to draw the world's attention to the importance of the word and to equally stress the need for people to use the word positively in uniting rather than dividing the world.

Muhammed further opined that irrespective of our cultures and religions, we belong to one word, "We are bound by one word and that word is, humanity." He submitted that before we became any other thing, we were first of all human beings, therefore we must work together for the growth of our humanity through our effective use of word.

Another speaker, Kamar Hamza, a critic, teacher and political scientist, analysed the typology of the human personality. He said that there are basically two types of people in the world: the extroverts and the introverts. That while some people are very open and reactionary in nature others are reserved, but that as human beings we must be able to create a balance, a kind of space to accommodate and tolerate one another. He said, that we must be mindful of the ways we use words and how words affect others around us.

NmaHassan Mohammed, a senior staff of the Book Agency, said that the agency was pleased to be involved in hosting the event and assured of the Agency's willingness to partner with other organisations in working for the progress of humanity. He also postulated that "Words are important, words can create peace and words can create chaos."

Other important guests who graced the event include: Sheikh Umar Dada Paiko, Farida Mohammed who is the National Treasurer of ANA , the Secretary of the Book Agency- Alfa Babakolo , Jibrin Bala Jibrin a famous Nupe film actor, MD Abubakar who is the Programme Manager of Development Initiative for West Africa (DIWA), Nurdin Busari, a Publisher and bookseller (AMAB Books), Bilkisu Abdulazeez Abara, Hadiza Ladan, Khadijat Abdulkadir and others.

The schools represented at the event include: Fr. O'Connell Science College, Aisha Memorial School, Himma International College, Capital School, CAILS, Legend International School and Ahmadu Bahago Secondary School respectively, all in Minna.

The highlight of the event was the students' performances which bordered on the importance of peace in the world. The students' through their short stories and poems reiterated the need for people to embrace peace and love by making use of the word positively. "Peace, you are more than wealth" echoed the students of Aisha Memorial School. Another student posited that, "We cannot improve any situation with violence, therefore we must all embrace peace."

There were performances by poets and writers. Manarakis, UmmyHajaar Abba, Yusuf BM, Nmahassan, Abubakar Akote (in proxy), Aminu S. Muhammad, Farida Mohammed all presented poems and short stories.