Nigerian Writer Wins 3-Month Residency In Germany

Sada Malumfashi, Nigeria writer and participant of the Cameroon-Nigeria Literary Exchange Program has been awarded a 3-month writing residency at the Sylt Foundation, Germany. Organisers announced this last week in Abeokuta at the Ake Festival where the participants concluded the exchange program, which began six months ago in Cameroon, with a panel discussion.

Malumfashi, who was 
on the  shortlist of Writivism's 2017 Koffi Addo Prize for Creative Nonfiction, was among the five Nigerian writers who joined a group of five Cameroonians for a 10-day Literary program which held in May in Limbe, Cameroon. Organized by the Goethe Institute in Nigeria and Cameroon in collaboration with Saraba Magazine in Nigeria and Bakwa Magazine in Cameroon, participating writers went through a series of intensive workshops on Creative Nonfiction.

The two most outstanding works produced by the participants at the workshop, each from Nigeria and Cameroon, earned their writers the Sylt Foundation residency.

The Literary Exchange Program served to close the artistic and cultural distance between the two countries where, despite their proximity, there haven’t been much collaborations between them in the literary arts.