Call For Participation | NIFESTEENA 2018 | HillTop Arts Foundation

The door is open for secondary schools in Nigeria for registration to participate in the 2018 annual Nigerian Festival of Teen Artists (NIFESTEENA). 2018 edition holds in Kaduna, Kaduna State, from 22nd to 26th April, 2018.

NIFESTEENA is an annual festival of teen artists initiated by the HillTop Arts Foundation, Minna. The objective of the festival is to bring together talented teen artists to showcase to the world their talents in the literature and arts. The 2017 maiden edition which held in Minna, Niger State, had participating secondary schools from across all the regions in Nigeria with various awards and prizes won.

Modalities for Participation
There are various categories of programme to be participated in by interested schools. A school may or may not enter-in for all of the categories. Each category carries independent prize from 1st to 3rd. However, to emerge the overall winner requires a school become the highest point earner from the tally of points won at various categories.
Category A: (Teen Authorship)
1.                     Published teen author – poetry (not less than 30 pages) – one contestant
2.                     Published teen author – story (not less than 30 pages) – one contestant
However, it may be:
1.                     Published anthology – poetry (not less than 50 pages)
2.                     Published anthology – story (not less than 50 pages)

Accordingly, under this category, a teen author must have published a book of poetry or prose of not less than thirty (30) pages or must have been featured in an anthology of poetry or short story of not less than fifty (50) pages. The contestant must be the author of the work. The works must be original to the author. The organisers will not be responsible for the consequences of any plagiarised book. The sample copies of the work being entered for must be presented on arrival. In addition, contestants in this category shall be required to do on-the-spot poetry or short story writing at the festival.

Category B: (Visual Arts)
1. On the spot – painting (one contestant only)
2. On the spot - photography (one contestant only) – the photography musts be 10 x 12 size.

However, a participating school shall present a teen painter each at the finals of NIFESTEENA who shall paint on-the-spot. The theme for 2018 is: Landscape, Market Place, and Rainfall with activity. Participants are required to select only one theme.

Similarly, each school shall present a teen photographer at the finals that will go on outdoor shots to reflect any of the following themes: Street hawking, Transportation, Water scarcity.

Important Note:
All participating schools are responsible for the materials necessary for the contests. Paintings and photographs must be framed, well labeled as aesthetics in finishing attracts extra marks. Paintings and photographs shall not be returned to the contestants. They will remain in the custody of the Foundation.

Category C: (Spoken word and poetry performance)
1.      Spoken Word - (one contestant only) – 3 minutes only
2.      Poetry Performance – (one contestant or more from the contingent only) – 3 minutes performance
It is important to note that each participating school shall present a teen or more performers of spoken word or poetry. They should also know that Poetry performance is a more vigorous exercise than spoken word. Poetry performance is not recitation of a poem. The poem to be performed shall also be a poem written by the contestants. A performance can have all or some of the members of the contingent involved.

Category D:   Contemporary song (English) – 3 minutes only.
In this category, not more than five students shall form the team for the English song on the theme” “Child”. The costume shall be the school uniform. No instrument shall be deployed.

Category E: Folk song (Yoruba) - 3 minutes only.
In this category, each school shall select a folk song or a combination of folk songs in Yoruba to be performed at the finals. 

Category F: Cultural dance (Tiv) - 5 minutes only.
In this category, there shall be a team from each participating school to present a Tiv dance at the finals.
It is required that all elements of performance be deployed to each of the categories for maximum score.

Other engagements by the contestants are:
1.         Participation in special classes of mentoring in writing, painting and photography.
2.         There shall be nights of performances where students can sing, do comedy or display any    
            creative ability to the appreciation of the audience (this shall not attract any marks).
3.         Book chats, exhibition and exchanges
4.         Award ceremony 

All participants shall be accommodated by the organisers.

Each contestant is required to be registered. The cost of registration is five thousand naira (N5, 000) only.
It is important to note that NIFESTEENA is a full-fledged festival of international and professional profile. Therefore, universal standards shall apply.

HOW TO Register
Each participating school should send a letter of intent containing the list of participants to not later than March 30, 2018.

However, the payment for participants should reach the foundation on April 15, 2018.  Please, attach a covering letter on the school letter-head in your correspondences with the Foundation. Account: Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation - GT Bank-0235887088