Poet-Today | Maryam Gatawa | The Arts-Muse Fair


My back is constant
with ravages of 

at my shoulders
where the dust of
yesteryears have settled

I am a series of phases
allergic to boring sameness

Look at my feet
limping towards
giving no mind to originality

I am resilience
I am change

(After Paterson)

I limp towards 
The headlights
On paved road
With dry shrubs 
By one side
And blooming roses
By another

The road becomes-
Two becomes four

So I run
Like hare

But four becomes-
Eight becomes sixteen
Like in a mirror dimension

So I stop

And the sun
Fell on my palm
The imagined mirror shatters
And the road becomes 
One sincerely,


Maryam Gatawa, pen name Meegat, is a young Poet and writer who live in Kano, Nigeria. She is a graduate of Economics from Bayero University, Kano in Nigeria. She is a human activist with special concern in making the lives of orphans tear-free. Writing and reading are what give her great joy as a passionate lover of arts. Her hobbies include travelling, chatting and brainstorming. Some of her literary works have been published in the African Writer Magazine, PIN Quarterly Magazine, Tuck Magazine and in local papers. She tweets @ meegat12.