Call For Submissions | Anthology Of Little Things & Spaces Of Minna | Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation

The Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria, passionate about documenting Minna city in a book form to give the young people a feel of her past calls for submission of essays about Minna, the Niger State Capital.

The book will be titled “Little Things and Spaces of Minna: An Anthology of Short Essays about the Old Minna”.

Need To Talk About Old Minna In New Ways

It is obvious that there hasn’t been any serious document in a book form that explains the behaviour of Minna and those who lived in her in the past. It is the reason why the Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation Minna desires to relive the city by getting young and old people, particularly the old to bring back those profound moments and memories of places and convergence grounds that had contributed to the molding of characters of individuals that grew in her in those past days.

Therefore, the project is not about the “new Minna”. It is only looking for stories about historic locations within Minna such as Kasuwan dare, Filin kaci uwarka, Rafin green, Kasuwan mula, Jan gada, Makera, Paida and the hills, Bahoven, Bosso, Fatima college, 123 quarters, Mami market, Railway club, Railway traders, Hawan Eidi a gidan sarki among several others.

The creative angles of these essays should be a recasting of the innocence of the town of Minna and the laces of old that have disappeared, making young people unaware of the nature of old Minna. These essays are meant to preserve those unique things about Minna for future.

The book shall tell the story of Minna to tourists and guests and shall be handy in entertaining residents and visitors while also serving as a ready souvenir for the government to use and pop up the capital city of Minna. It will be soft, readable and easily digestible to all ages.

Contributions to this vibrant project are welcomed from everyone irrespective of tribes, religion or gender. They can come from Igbo, Nupe, Gwari, Gbagyi, Yoruba, Tivs, Hausas or foreigners who have lived or still live in Minna. This is a universal call to everyone in the world that has a story to tell about Minna.

  • Essays should not be more than three (3) typed pages with 1.5 line spacing
  • Essays should be of lucid literary language with local coloration
  • Submitted essays should be accompanied by scanned photographs
  • Old pictures of  old Minna are especially desired.
Deadline for Submissions
Submission closes on November 30, 2017.

How to Submit:
Essays should be sent to

All accepted submissions would be published by the first quarter of 2018. His royal highness, the Emir of Minna is expected to participate in the project.