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The Iceland Writers Retreat currently accepts applications from talented writers in need of financial support across the globe to attend the Iceland Writers Retreat in Reykjavík, Iceland in April, 2018.

Held for the first time in April 2014, the Iceland Writers Retreat is an event which comprised of a series of small-group writing workshops and cultural tours designed to introduce participants to Iceland’s rich literary heritage. The Iceland Writers Retreat was named one of the world’s best writers’ retreats by the Sydney Morning Herald, and one of the top 10 “Events to travel for in 2014” by Four Seasons Magazine.

Who can apply?
Eligible applicants should be 18 years old and above on April 11, 2018. The winning candidate(s) must demonstrate that he or she does not have the financial means to attend the conference without this award.

However, candidates do not need to be professional writers, but should be serious about the craft and interested in developing their skills and contacts. Their writing interests should fit well with the faculty for the 2018 retreat (which is literary fiction, non-fiction, and memoir). For example, anyone who is primarily a poet should be clear in his or her application about why attending workshops that focus on literary fiction and non-fiction will be beneficial to him or her.

Consequently, family members of the judges and those who have already attended the Iceland Writers Retreat are not eligible to apply.

What does it cover?
Entrants can apply for either full or partial funding. Full funding covers all participation in the Iceland Writers Retreat, including accommodation. The scholarship also includes round-trip flights to Iceland while partial funding covers the participant fee only, and neither accommodation nor round trip flights.
Interested applicant have been advised to ensure they apply for the most suitable category for them, as if those who apply for full funding are very unlikely to be considered for a partial award.
(Note that last year the organizers received more applications for full funding than partial funding.)
It is equally important to note that the award does not include airport transfers, travel insurance, travel visas (if applicable), other incidentals or meals not listed in the itinerary, or the Relax & Write extension.

How will the recipients be chosen?
The recipients will be chosen based primarily on two factors:
Firstly, the potential he or she demonstrates (or has demonstrated) as a writer and secondly his or her need for financial support to be able to attend.  

They will also be evaluated based on the other questions in the application. Therefore, applicant is to make sure he or she tells the organizers about himself or herself and why he or she think he or she would be the perfect match for the Iceland Writers Retreat.

However, the applicant should also be available for media interviews before and during the Retreat, and be able to explain how he or she would help to share the experience with others after the fact. This may include being asked to prepare a short report on their experience to be published on the Iceland Writers Retreat website.

Applications will be reviewed by a group of Iceland Writers Retreat alumni. The final decision on the award recipient will be made by the Iceland Writers Retreat Founding Directors.

Application closes on Tuesday, 31 October, 2017 (Midnight, PST). Late application will not be considered. Click here for more details.

The recipients of the award will be announced on December 4, 2017.

Iceland Writers Retreat receives a very large number of applications. Therefore, to increase the chances of being selected, interested applicants have been advised to follow the application instructions very carefully and fill the form with due diligence. However, incomplete applications will not be considered.
It is not possible to make changes to the application once it has been submitted. Applicant will receive email confirmation that his or her application has been received.

Level of funding.
Iceland Writers Retreat receives far more applications for full funding than partial funding, but applicants need to show that they are unable to afford even the cost of flights to Iceland and accommodation while in the country. Note that an applicant is very unlikely to be considered for partial funding if he or has applied for full funding.

However, applications are welcomed from people of all backgrounds and with all levels of writing experience. However, applications are more likely to be highly ranked from people who have not had the opportunity to attend many other writing retreats. The quality of his or her writing is what matters most, whether he or she has just started out, has been working for a while, or is at a mid- or post-career break.
For applicants who may apply just to get the opportunity to visit Iceland will unlikely to be granted an award.

Note also that that the maximum length for each writing sample is 1000 words. Applications that have longer writing samples will not be considered.
Applicants are expected to be honest in explaining why this event is beyond their means without support.


References should be by people who are familiar with your writing and are not family members. Applications without appropriate references will not be considered.