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Call For Submissions | Anthology Of Little Things & Spaces Of Minna | Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation

The Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria, passionate about documenting Minna city in a book form to give the young people a feel of her past calls for submission of essays about Minna, the Niger State Capital. The book will be titled “Little Things and Spaces of Minna: An Anthology of Short Essays about the Old Minna”. Need To Talk About Old Minna In New Ways It is obvious that there hasn’t been any serious document in a book form that explains the behaviour of Minna and those who lived in her in the past. It is the reason why the Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation Minna desires to relive the city by getting young and old people, particularly the old to bring back those profound moments and memories of places and convergence grounds that had contributed to the molding of characters of individuals that grew in her in those past days. Therefore, the project is not about the “new Minna”. It is only looking for stories about historic locations

Hill-Top Creative Arts Centre Opens In Sokoto

The Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation founded by BM Dzukogi in Minna, the capital of Niger state got a boost with the extension of its activities to Sokoto state. The Foundation which trains teenagers in the art of writing and public speaking had in April this year organized a national event tagged   Nigerian Festival Of Teen Authors (NIFESTEENA). After the event which had teen writers from Sokoto,                                                                             Advertisement Kebbi, Bayelsa and other states attending, the Sokoto state participants   left with a vow to replicate the Foundation’s programmes in Sokoto by starting an Arts Centre modeled after the Minna Arts Centre managed by the Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation. Dr. Aisha Umar, leader of the Sokoto state participants at NIFESTEENA and motivator of the new Sokoto Arts Centre expressed joy at the inauguration of the Sokoto Hill-Top Creative Arts Centre last Saturday, which was marked with a me

Discourse: Teen Authorship: Nurturing The Next Generation of Writers - Prof. E.E Sule

I would like to share my thoughts about nurturing writers with the teenage writers here, but also with the adults here who by choice, by inclination, by official responsibility, are custodians of the teenagers. Custodians of the teenagers by way of offering guides and counsels, by way of programmatically nurturing the young minds towards achieving their dreams, by way of giving formal teaching in schools and other places of learning, by way of providing the incentives, the facilities, and the conducive environment for the imparting and acquisition of knowledge, formal and informal. In talking to the teenagers, I am also talking to their parents, to their teachers, to officials of education ministry, and to politicians who must take an interest in the growth and development of the tender minds.             Talking about teenagers is talking about the future. It is precisely the idea of the future that occupied my mind as I thought of writing this address. It is indeed the r