Poet-Today | Yakori Bint Muhammed | Her Blossom

Her Blossom

I am a puppet on society's stage 
An act audiences anticipate of me
Like a chiseler 
I am carved into me by earthy guardians 
To tread a path that sheaths my bloom
My youth heralds a wish 
Manifesting yesteryears prayers of theirs 
Bedecked at home like a porcelain ware 
With beautified cracks that equal my endurance 
Guided by patriarchs and matriarchs 
I am designed with an interface like a mobile device 
To implement functions that wrench my framework 
My inbuilt features by default is asleep  
Activation I try not for I am meant to obey
Revolting reduces my esteem to ashes   
Erupt I dare not 
Questions nor answers I dare not comb 
Within threads of my soul
Tangled into weaves that wish to be loosened
My fate is written by my kinfolk
I am a female
An utterance that gazes me 
A sonorous term I grew up to 
Her tone cold like harmattan's brew
Wrinkling a path I need to embark on
I am a female I am told 
A mother meant to cradle
Yet this mother that craves an embrace
For her cot is bereft of breathe
My prime a journey on cactus
Prickling my essence bare of vitality
Time blossoms through seasons 
Dishing residues of my being on a platter
Wearied by salty droplets upon my face
I stand aright to dig my core from bigotry 
A promise to welcome my senescent years with rosiness 
Smile adorns my face 
Luring nature to spur my consciousness 
As awareness cuddles my roots 
I spasm to the force I am created of
In solitude like the desert rose 
I glimpse latent aptitudes of mine
As I channel through a gratifying journey
My recompense lies in unearthing me
For I am a multifaceted specie  
I rebel to live for me 
Without me there's no you in me 


Yakori bint Muhammed is a graduate of IT but an art enthusiast. Words fascinates her and poetry is what she knows how to do best. She enjoys penning reflections and quotes. A nature and animal lover, she is a member of the Abuja Writers’ Forum (AWF).