Poet-Today | Amina Saidu Abubakar


A trail of red roses heralds his coming
The stars guide him
The moon ushers him
Even the trees whisper his name.

She rushes out breathless,
Calling out, reaching out
Making moves,taking steps

Her gentle smile melts him
Her wit amazes him
Her aura thrills him

She holds out her hand
He looks at it and turns away
She holds out both hands
This time, he takes steps towards her

Oh you! Dreamer,
dream her way
dream away
Oh you!
who sings fervently
whose laughter is contagious
Whose gaze is soothing

Tend to her
Take those steps
Hold those hands
Echo those thoughts
And crown her your queen..

Amina Saidu Abubakar is a graduate of Mass Communication from Bayero University Kano. She hail from Zaria, Kaduna State and has worked with the NTA Kaduna. She believes writing connects and transports souls to another world and simply won't allow her paper and ink be wasted. Amina writes short stories and poems, loves travelling and photography. She is passionate about foodtography, her pastime of shooting foods.