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Desert Weed

I've been through this before
But It’s okay I know I will endure
I've walked through it over and over
I've created a worn footpath like a constant trekker
With my eyes closed I can navigate the heartache
I know when the pain will overtake
I know precisely when my chest will burn
Exactly when the tears will return
But I  am now excellent at stifling the sobs
I know the perfect position to curl up and stop the throbs
I am perfect at stretching my lips into that smile
The precise tone of 'I'm OK' always in line
More than that I now know how to overcome
Because my love is way too strong to be undone
My roots run deep
That ordinary storms now can't rip
Sandstorms don't scare me
I'm no spring rose you see
I'm a desert weed
Come rain come shine I'll always keep my heart

Broken Art

I sit in chaos
Broken bits of my life before me
Can’t walk past them
I stumble upon them trying to move on
And I break into more pieces
I put myself together again with cracks to show
Each new line my very own garland
My medallions I call them
A medal for every blunder
I display them you see
Because I am not afraid of showing my flaws
They now see my fissures and call it art

Mind over Matter

Many faces I pass
Many more passed me
Masks of different shades
Yet no one wearing any
Some hide their hues
Some looking for their dues
'Mind over matter' Our lives' daily headline
Those ribs like iron bars
Protecting secrets of the chest
Our tongues imprisoned by our lips
Mine held on a tight leash
Revealing to none that dirty deed
Those demons we fight behind closed doors
Each soul does but no one truly knows
I hide mine
You hide yours
I have troubles
You have yours
But somehow the show goes on
We just keep on smiling


Mariya Abdullah Sidi is a Medical Student from Kano State. She has so much love for the written word, especially word play. She believes there is so much magic in words and for this; she can never have enough of poetry in whatever form it comes.


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