Poet-Today | Hajaarh Muhammad Bashar


The silent sea waved across the land
Emitting the calmness only known to man
Kissed in the face by the golden sun rays
Rising up firmly to face the world in trace

Behold, the flowers in different blee
Caressed by the zesty wind of charm
Swinging to themselves in all the glee
A beautiful creation in full charisma

Arise, young brooding birds in love
Sing with the sweet voice of yours to the world
Filling the heart even without a single word
Gifting the soul with calmness, peace and love


Stuck in the beam of tears
Between the window of pain in the eyes
With a feeling that surge through the edge
Of a very long ripped heart in vain

The night is cold
But my tears still flow
With a pale face, broken heart and shattered soul
It’s a feeling that will never go

I looked deep into the barren night
As a silent whimper escaped my lips, tight
With so much pain, sadness and guilt
Broken, deserted and alone I feel

Save me from the war of my heart
Free me from the pain in my soul
Take me away from the monstrous world
And give me a reason to smile again.

Hajaarh Muhammad Bashar is a budding writer and a poet who is a graduate of Microbiology from the Al-Hikmah University Ilorin, Nigeria.. Hajaarh is enthusiastic about writing and poetry that goes deep and wide. She has some of her poems and articles published in Poem hunters, Daily Stream newspaper, Poetry planet anthology and others. She also has great interest in science and nature. She lives in Minna, Niger state