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Pic: Aminu S Muhammad


Here I stand in the secret place of my emotions
under the shadow of my thoughts
when are we going to enjoy the promises promised by
these promiscuous politicians?
Grey hair, married to the seat of power
Yet, claiming we're leaders of tomorrow, but,
when really is tomorrow
if the labours of our heroes past
seem to carry last these days?

Today is the tomorrow we waited for yesterday
like a watchman waiting for another day;
We've been positioned to write night test with bloody ink
putting us up to sit and think - CHANGE:
truly a constant in life's equation.
But, how do we fight this frustration forming fuming
fuse of hatred and religion?

We get started from the beginning like *Dó ré mí*
scoring spitted words the way it should be;
discarding sounds of silence
buried in voices of audible men
For "we begin to die when we remain silent to things that matter"
Martin Luther.

We break through strongholds of jealousy,
stay true to friendship without envy
Stop being "frenemies" do you hear me?

We become our neighbour’s keeper not only brothers
related by red.
We must let love live in the nucleus of our hearts
breeding unity, faith, peace and progress.


Would you cry me an ocean?
spend days nursing pain offshore?
Would you? I want to be sure
that days with you will leave no sore.

Would you walk with me a thousand miles
to show me the true meaning of smiles?
Would you spit truth with no lies
just by the looks in your eyes?

Would you draw down drops of tears?
would you wipe off every fear
take off burdens I cannot bear
and bless my face with the best make-up to wear?

Would you give me summer when snow shows up
send forth rain and sun-glows?
Would you wrap out bad habits like Lawma packs
fling them off back with no hope for feedbacks?

Would you save me the stress of night watch
stay committed with no botch?
would you be my top notch?
making love time never stops.


I'm trying to know what friendship is
Or at least what friendship is not.
For enmity is friendship with the negative sign in front
An identical figure equals broken emotion like lost sheep.

Life was interesting
in the very beginning
when his conception of mankind
begat likable mind:
with the blending of dust
and his breath in us
We became souls with life
Living in comfort not strife
feeling fitted in friendship feasting

with feet planting on the path of righteousness
till the seed of greed dropped;
we got lost in lust and flopped
carried away by glints and glamour of fruits forbidden
We were abandoned as one bedridden
confined to the wheels of still growth
we, parade our pregnancy of lies
that broke our eternal ties
breeding difficulty in conceiving THE TRUTH.

The Truth that makes one free
emerged as one of the three
to endure our pains from stripes, shame and mockery
giving us gains of healing, honour and victory.

This truth
Our root
died and was buried like a seed for us - sinners
To sprout fruits of righteousness in us
Became a bridge
harmed and hammered
on the cursed cross
He bore for us.
He was harmed and hammered
and his arm was hammered
to cross us to eternal glory
What a perfect love story.


Solutionist Clementina is a performance poet and entrepreneur. She has performed her works at different literary events in Nigeria. She lives in Lagos.


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