Coronavirus Pandemic: Organizers suspend Lagos Art Festival

Owing to concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Nigeria, organizers of the Tiwa N' Tiwa Street Art Festival have postponed the festival earlier scheduled to hold this month in Lagos to November 2020, when they hope that the pandemic would have been contained so all participants and guests could operate in a safe and conducive environment.

Organizers said that although the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has not declared the need to close public gathering, the evidence suggests that the situation has the propensity to evolve rather rapidly. Because the festival is a community event, their priority is the safety of the community, the attendees and Lagosians.
They assured that while they understand the gravity of the situation for all the artists and creatives who through the festival have found a platform to support their talents, and the businesses that participate in the festival, they are by this postponement respecting and adhering to the guidelines and protocol from the Nigerian public health authorities that implore all to take actions that keep everyone safe from the pandemic.