Poet-Today ~ Zainab Manko ~ The Arts-Muse Fair

Pic: Aminu S Muhammad

We are trees
With leaves that leave
Whether seasons beckons
Or not

We are trees
Stretching to the sun
In search of chlorophyll
For most leaves
Are vain and restless

We are trees
Some floral and full
Some scanty and frail
And at each dawn
We expect the rain

We are trees
Sown in different soils
Some loam, porous or adhesive
But then we grow
And spread warmth and tranquillity

We are trees
With contours
Deep, permanent or shallow

We are trees
Trying to love ourselves
And to pave paths
For what we fruits
we birth
Or love we spread, like roots.


Zainab Manko is a Chemical Engineer, Writer, and Fashion Designer. An adventurer and a carefree butterfly, she is shy in her own way and loves deep thinking.  


  1. Indeed, trees and even grasses are counterparts with mortals.

  2. Indeed nature os beautiful.with your words, you beautify the beauty of nature.


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