Poet-Today ~ Samuel Delgado Pinheiro ~ The Arts-Muse Fair

Pic: Aminu S Muhammad

Japanese language

petals hover
river flows and drains
On the tea cup
nankeen trickles
cicada sings
monk’s semblance
rustle of trees

Letter for a Kurd

Light cloaks the flowers in the wind, even in the silence, tell to souls it message
lethargy doesn’t tell to your dragged and tomb soul on the cross of your sword
ear the valley of the dead from far away
in the garden, a drop after rain in the sun of your glance

Esman, stêr, mang. Taught me: sky, star and moon
the poetry shows us our illiteracy, said while seeing the stars
who don’t know to read the night, couldn’t read himself
sounds in the head fade away on an infinite remembrance
each time clangs on an insistence to breath
            sleepless do it:
                                                vibration in the window
                                                bird’s absence                                     
looking for a set point
light absence: weapons

            The waters go into the earth by tiny shocks on your portraits
            the martyrs of the day in a clash between silence and explosions
            unfortunately, I don’t speak your language
            but your silence is your dread
            liquefying the glass which separate us
            The overlaid mountains in your garden show the fire in the border
            concrete pieces from ancient Palmyra voices
            your blood wasn’t spilled 
            your hand lies down on the mine and ask for a stay in your land
            flames cloak the streets
            but it never burns your flowers

In a landscape
(while listening to John Cage)


Consistently, the flowers flourish by calculations. Tulips touch the snow by their stem strings
scaring the buildings, clouds loom by null movements to avoid the sun 
silence is only a sound which fulfills a stoned sign from the seven days when the petals fall down
mould and emptiness between the buildings
displacement of a tree by a metamorphosis: the last blow for a new creation


Remnant of concrete commutes a blackened yellow from sparkle razors
maritime progression overfly the voices which melts in a metallic breeze
foam flutters and blackened oak rain
without sounds, all things grow. Steep tones
waves cut an old pigment on the crumbled maps
dismantling flower’s ribbon
snow lies down on the empty street
the night became an audition of time


Metals stiffen the cells for a dissolved thought
Zig zag squares and triangles become a mountain which watches the world
whispers, elusions are digging a pit
Unfolding some circumscribed windows in a bend


Reflections bright a triangle interruption
a trace
a letter
palimpsests bodies in an anguish 
the delay of a mud embraces us, shadow of the mirrors glow   
passages of a pilgrim and the white landscapes transfigures the traces of disappearing  
sticks fall


Samuel Delgado Pinheiro is a writer, researcher and translator. He studied Journalism and Language (Portuguese/Spanish), and later Lusophone and Latin American Literatures (PUC-SP). He has a Masters degree in Language at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. He is a member of the research group Liletrad from Sevilla University (Spain) and a member of the group, GREAT from São Paulo University (USP). Samuel Delgado has teaching experience in Language, especially on Literature and Portuguese Language, English and Spanish Language teaching. He has engaged in topics such as The Presence of Eastern Poetics (Japanese) on the Hispanic and Portuguese language Literatures; Haiku; Poetic Translation and Poetic Comparatism. His first poetry book "Album" will be published this year. He lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.