Poet-Today ~ Awaal Gata ~ The Arts-Muse Fair

Pic: Aminu S Muhammad

Home Blues 
The storms that captured our homeland announced no preface 
From every cloud
Only torn narratives we gain  
There are no gravities for postscripts

The Past should not be a portal 
She is a pariah
Take my sins to the cemetery

There they should abide 
Pose them to the world 
And unleash every Blue

That lived
That is living 
That will be living 

State of the Heart

I am a cloud 
Death is my fruit 

The grin I grin hides the earth of the grief
And only in the heart you can see the grief 
You can't voyeur at the heart

Don't zoom my earth to your heart 
I know my earth is walking through shards
I know there are dungeon hiding the heights of its gaits

It is the nakedness of time at the earth square 
Time lives no storm alive
They say the night loves my tears

They say tomorrow is in throes
They say the faith in the fate has dimmed
They say the stars are now bland 

I am still the son 
Enroute the night 

I am 

I cherish 

Awaal Gata is a cross-border reporter. He also loves literary journalism. He writes poems when he is not reporting.