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Pic: Aminu S Muhammad

Come here
You child
Of Adigun the thieving husband

Get away from the lake
Its pebbles' won't save you

How dare you steal from
Our sacred cooking pot
Eating the sacrificial meat
Leaving little lying in the near bottom
That meat was
Meant for the spiritual king

You lied that the pot bellied thief
Stole the meat
Because the world
Has been exposed to his stealing
He wears worn out rags

You evil child
You think because your father is a chief
Who steals so high
You can't be given the title of a thief
Just because you wear an expensive life

Come here
You child of lost sanity
You evil being of corrupt high hierarchy
Today I will lash you
And your might of wealth
Won't catch you away
It won't dare come near

HANEEFAH ABDULRAHMAN is currently a 300 level student of English and Literary studies at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She is the 2020 Editor 1 of The Creative Writers' Club. She is a writer and a poet. She is the author of 'The Queens of Age Chains' published on Okada Books. Haneefah has also been published on the sites dailyboom.com.ng, igbocurls.com. She manages the blog, trendyneefah.blogspot.com.


  1. Having read a few of her poems and listened to her renditions of some others, I can say that Haneefah holds great promise as a poet and storyteller.

    1. Thank you Sir. People like you are part of my motivations.

  2. I love the rhyme, especially the 'chief' and 'thief'
    Having read her book titled 'The Queens of the age chain' she holds a great future as a good old storyteller of all ages.

  3. Among the things I like is to see people writing, giving out thier arts talents, inspiring others, as i can say i was by you not by other people that we are always in the class struggling together.
    Lastly, i really like you and your writings as well, more talents to you dear.

  4. I'm really energized by your write-up, keep it up wellw follow your footsteps.

  5. Superb!!!
    Your style
    Still classic...


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