Poet-Today ~ Sa'id Sa'ad


Dear love,
I long to see your eyes
The white round balls like moon
My eyes has turned into a sea
Pushing worries and grief to its shores
When I remember your angelic looks
The heart talks like an empty vessel
Of when it will find rest
And a hope that it will never sail farther.

Dear love,
I have wept while smiling
Days, weeks and months yet to count
Lips dried and shrank
I stood on the hot rain
As it drips on my cheek
And flows down with cold tears
Mind continue to walk and wonder
Thinking of where it will grin
That place under the evergreen tree
Where those two hearts smile

Dear love,
Is this how it feels to miss?
More like walking in a flame
A flame of new burning log
The log that became our barrier
The barrier that made me walk
On bare earth with my tongue
Wishing you will send a wind
That will come and take me home.

Sa’id Sa’ad is a poet, short story writer and an essayist. His short story ‘My Narrow Escape from the Gloom’ won the Peace Panel Short Story Prize 2018. He has received essay awards including Nigeria Film Corporation Essay Competition 2018 and Shortlist in Positive Naija Essay Competition 2017. 
His Works are published in Huda Magazine, The Giant Pen, Better Than Starbucks and other platforms including anthologies. He co-authored the poetry book ‘Reunion’ and is presently working on his debut ‘Tearful Tales’.