Poet~Today ~ Ahmad Isah Sabo

Pix credit: Aminu S Muhammad


Oh Beloved! Your love owns a vast abyss
In my heart,
It grows sturdy like a mountain of metal,
Planting its roots in my veins like a tree.

Oh Beloved! Your magical enchantments
On my being,
Weaves a cocoon of love where I hide,
To ponder on the sinew of your charms that bind me to you

Oh Beloved! Amidst the radiance of moon
In my dreams,
I see the glints of your ardent trinkets,
Your luminous face beams a cascade of light.

Oh Beloved! How can I portray your beauty
In my poems (?)
When your elegance is rare
And so delicate to draw on the canvas of my heart

Oh Beloved! What is this wisdom woven around you?
In my garden,
You walk in graceful steps like a peacock,
And I see not the blossoming of the flowers but only you?

Ahmad Isah Sabo is a budding poet from Yobe state. His works appeared in Active Muse, Arthut and BPPC Chapbook. His poem ‘Oh Beloved’ was shortlisted for Christopher Okigbo Interuniversity Poetry Competition. He is a winner of Poetic Wednesdays’ ‘The Battle of Poets’ poetry contest.  He lives in Maraban Jos, Kaduna state, Nigeria