Short Story Day Africa Releases Long List Of 2017 Short Fiction Prize

Short Story Day Africa has released a long list of 21 writers from which three winners will be named early next year.

The list cut across writers from the African continent whose entries were received for the 2017 edition of the $1000 Short Story Day Africa Prize for Short Fiction.

Those shortlisted are:
1. 'Limbo' by Innocent Ilo - Nigeria
2. ‘All Our Lives’ by Okafor Tochukwu - Nigeria
3. ‘Borrowed by the Wind’ by David Medalie - South Africa
4. ‘God Skin’ by Michael Yee - South Africa
5. 'Who We Were Then, Who We Are Now' by Nadu Ologoudou - Benin
6. 'Plums' by Kharys Laue - South Africa
7. 'Waiting' by Harriet Anena - Uganda
8. 'The Piano Player' by Agazit Abate - Ethiopia
9. 'A Brief Eruption Of Madness' by Eric Essono Tsimi - Cameroon
10. 'When the War Came Home' by Heran Abate - Ethiopia
11. 'Ibinabo' by Michael Agugom - Nigeria
12. 'Fever' by Alithnayn Abdulkareem - Nigeria
13. 'Unblooming' by Alexis Teyie - Kenya
14. 'Transubstantiation' by Genna Gardini - South Africa
15. 'Taba' by Adelola Ojutiku - Nigeria
16. 'Bloated' by Hanna Ali - Somalia
17. 'The Geography of Sunflowers' by Michelle Angwenyi - Kenya
18. 'The House on the Corner' by Lester Walbrugh - South Africa
19. 'Blue in Green' by Chourouq Nasri -Morocco
20. 'Sew Your Mouth' by Cherrie Kandie - Kenya
21. 'South of Samora' by Farai Mudzingwa - Zimbabwe

The theme of this year’s contest is “ID”. It called for innovative short fiction that explores identity, particularly the themes of gender identity and sexuality.

Organizers revealed that the resulting anthology from the long listed entries will be edited by Helen Moffett among others as part of the Short Story Day Africa and World reader Editing Mentorship which is now in its second year. The collection is due for release in July 2018.