Call For Submissions | Poems For Anthology Of Poetry On Almajirai And Almajirci

Entry gate is open for submission of one to three poems that question the incidence of Almajirci and Almajirai in the northern part of Nigeria. Poems should be written in English Language and not more than forty lines each.

This anthology seeks to raise a voice against the situation of Almajirci and Almajirai. Therefore, a poem (s) could choose to question, criticize or identify with the system. For instance, do people really understand the system and its adherents?

However, this could be approached using a variety of tones and on any aspects of Almajirci and Almajirai. It is obvious that some people are passionate and concerned about the plight of these young children who are learning the hard way, yet their voices have not been heard in the wilderness of disinterest.

This anthology is a form of advocacy that seeks to package such voices into a single note, raising its decibel, that it may tap on eardrums and elicit a reappraisal and a rethinking.

You can submit up to three poems of not more than forty lines.
Entrants are to please include a 40-word bio.

Timeline for submission
Submission opens on 15, December 2017 and closes on 28 February 2018.
However, by July 2018, Poets whose poems have been accepted and published in the anthology will be notified.

Publication will be done in October 2018.

Late entries will not be accepted.

How to submit:
All entries should be sent by email to

Enquires can also be sent to the email above.