Poet-Today: Naseeba Babale

Naseeba Babale, our Poet-Today from Kano shows the proximity of her muse to nature and its forms in these poems.

Why not wait?
How do I take just a drop
When from the ocean I
Can fumble and feel its coolness

What do I do with a ray
When the sun awaits
A handshake with me

I cannot sit at the foot of the mountain
For the peak is home
To my soul

Until I take stars to
My shore and dine with
The moon...

Until I walk on a carpet of
Roses and the birds
Light my path...

Until disaster makes for
Us a bed of comfort and
Sorrow runs in fear...

You wait
I wait
We wait.

My Reservoir
For another taste of your
Drop I'd walk on thorns
Even if my feet form a
Pool of blood

To bask in your sun
I'd crawl on my knees
Even if they form valleys
And steep hills

To breathe in your air
I'd scale Everest on a
Strand of hair even if
Gravity interferes

For in your sun my soul
Flies in the vast sky
Higher than the clouds

For in your breath
Time cease to exist

For in your arms my
Heart flows like a waterfall
Fresh, clean, clear

For in you lies
The pieces of my heart
Shattered, scattered.

What I See
I see in them Everests
Of affection, whose peaks
Perforate the skies

I see clouds of unspoken
Words, drops of which
Perforate my heart

I see the images of a
Kind soul, whose compassion
Sends waves of comfort
Through my cells

And in those eyes, I
See a view, whose
Powers arrest my breath.

Heavenly Bliss

I am the land where
Emotions flow with no
Borders or boundaries
Where words are married
In a rhythmic bond
To form lines that
Are woven into stanzas

I'm the place where
Rhymes are tailored
To a perfect embroidery
And Syllables form garments
Loaded with messages for
All to beseech

I'm the river whose
Water is sweeter than
Honey and whose single
Drop quenches the thirst
Of a thousand years

I'm the thought of
The wandering bard whose
Soul sees through walls
And whose eyes can see
The fruits of a barren land

I'm the beat of a dancing
Pen on paper
I'm the melody of
The night birds
I'm the song of
The voiceless souls
I'm the cool breeze at
I, the heavenly bliss from God

Naseeba Babale is a graduate of Medical Laboratory Science from Bayero University Kano. She is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Kano state branch and enjoys writing poems.