Poet-Today | Hafsat Abdullahi |

Our Arts-Muse Fair Poet-Today's love for her fatherland is unmistakable. We see this in her laments of the state of her nation.  

  Senseless Heroes
In just a day
Hearts felt bitter, sunken and led astray
Fathers have clumped their way out the city gates
Singing songs and dragging sons along

It is May!
The rains have found a home among us and he is ready to stay
Who then would plant our grains?

Poor scanty fatherland running down its hay
Brothers becoming brother’s own adversary
Blindly following the path of a lost course

They bought doomsday and
Death is the price to pay.

We are back
Thudding our way on the sore back of the aching earth

It is our knack
Generously inflicting oneself with flamboyant pains is our quest
It is dark
Hearts in dread yet glad.
The earth is black
And cold
Tired of our aimless digging as if in search of gold.

We lack
Our sanity had betrayed us.
Lunacy is our happy leader.

Resentful potentials
Abused boundlessly

We are back
This time with a sack
We the sore earth stares sorrowfully
What is left to carry
At least if nothing
The carcasses of our brothers that our lunacy led us to render whack.

The visitor
A visitor
Has a flair of flirting from one domicile to another
Ne'er leaves without a souvenir..

Hafsat Abdullahi, 17 is in her final year at Army Day Secondary School Minna. She is into spoken words, music and enjoys acting.  She has performed at different fora and won three trophies at the Nigerian festival of teen authors (NIFESTEENA) held in April. Aside being a poet, Hafsat is also a tailor and makes beautiful pieces. She hopes to combine modeling and poetry.
She finds delight in the creative works of Su'edde Vashima Agema, Amar Darko, Vena Cork, Friday John Abba, Elle James and Williams Shakespeare.