Poet-Today | Age of Reason | Peter Kwanqe

Our young Poet-Today writes through the ages. Read his reason.  

At ten,
I thought I was lonely
until someone came and sat next to me.

At twenty,
I thought I was the shadow of a
lost ghost,
until that person held my hands tenderly like
a rose.

At thirty
I never knew I was beautiful and soft like a
I never thought my heart could actually beat
very fast and slow
until that person drifted close,
until that person kissed my lips gently, gently,
and raised a tent in my soul.

At fifty,
I thought I needed a space out of this sweet

He frowned and called me all sort of names.
He said I was Jezzibel.

At sixty,
he went back to his mother's home.

 I thought I was free and independent like
a bird,
I never knew I craved for a freedom and for a

And now,
I stink here
like the mouths of these politicos.

I look worse than the pus of a dog.

Most of it all!
I lie here crippled and
chained in this cage of corruption where
crickets and cockroaches crusade on me.

Peter Kwanqe is a young writer who has found happiness in art. He has written and published a poetry book entitled Deflowered. Some of his poems have appeared in different journals.