My Father Willed The Rights Of His Published Books To A University - Aisha Abubakar Gimba, daughter of late writer.

Hajiya Aisha Abubakar Gimba is the eldest child of late writer, Abubakar Gimba. She holds a degree in English Language and currently works at the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai after leaving the banking sector. On March 10, 2017, Abubakar Gimba's 65th post-humous birthday, she spoke to the Art-Muse Fair Birthday Intercourse about her late father and his books.
TAMF: You are the first child of the late writer, Abubakar Gimba. How would you describe your late father?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: He was a father, that was always there for the family, our friend and confidant irrespective of what one had to discuss with him. We all looked up to him.

TAMF: What is the fondest memory you keep of him?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: A disciplinarian with a loving heart. Funny when he feels he has hurt your feelings but always tells you the truth. My fondest memory, well, his love for his children. We never had to Consult anyone outside the house because he was always there even when not physically there.

TAMF: You have quite a lot of siblings trailing you. How does it feel to be the big sister of the house?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: It's interesting and challenging. We sometimes disagree,then agree. Generally, we get along because we still remain family.

TAMF: Have you read all of his 16 published book?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: I have read the novels not the poetry collections.

Father and Daughter: Haj. Aisha A. Gimba and the late Abubakar Gimba
TAMF: Why have you not read the poetry collections?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: Poetry wasn't my favourite in school. I'm just learning to appreciate it now.

TAMF: What of the Essay collections?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: I have

TAMF: What do you like most about his writings?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: The fact that he highlights issues that have to do with society he lived in. Politics, leadership and the led. Religion, in the context of the scriptures, family life,the roles of parents towards their children and expectations from the children to the family, elders and society at large. Education of both sexes especially the girl child. Matrimony, experiences in both public and private sectors.

Late Abubakar Gimba

TAMF: He left a will on his published books. Could you let us into details of the will?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: The Rights have been given the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Other details are confidential for now till all formalities are carried out.

TAMF: What are the specific rights willed to ABU?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: The University & family are working on the details and can't be made public till it's finalised.

Late Abubakar Gimba in Iowa, USA

TAMF: Is any of your siblings taking after him with writing?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: Yes, some have written some short stories published in the dailies, others have diary entries taught us by our father. He always says no day is an ordinary day. There is always something to write about.

Late Abubakar Gimba at the University of Iowa, USA.

 TAMF: While he was alive, your father was a huge Art Patron and Philanthropist. Is the family thinking of something like a Foundation in his name to continue with these good legacies he left?

Aisha Abubakar Gimba: Yes. He had a Foundation called the Concern Foundation that took care of accident victims and the less privileged in the society. We are working towards continuing with the Foundation in his memory in shaa Allah!