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Call For Submissions: 2017 Nigeria Christian Writers Award

2017 NIGERIA CHRISTIAN WRITERS/LITERATURE AWARD FOURTH EDITION CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS/Nominations Nominations may be submitted in one of 15 categories: AWARD CATEGORIES     Femi Emmanuel Christian Writers Award (on Christian Inspirational/Motivational Books) A. Adeboye Christian Writers Award (on Church Planting Books Category) Ayo Babalola Christian Writers Award (on Prayer Books Category) F. Kumuyi Christian Writers Award (on Practical Evangelism Books Category) Ben Idahosa Christian Writers Award (on Salvation and Redemption Books Category) Samuel Ajayi Crowther Christian Writers Award (on Christian Fiction Category) Moses Orimolade Christian Writers Award (on Christian Biography and Autobiography Category) Samuel Oshoffa Christian Writers Award (on Tracts Evangelism Category) Henry Townsend Writers Award (on Christian/Church History Books Category) K. Olukoya Christian Writers Prize (on Church Administration Books Category) Wale Oke Christi

Poetry By Sunsampaul Egwu

On Nigeria's Democracy Day, we serve you the poetry of Sunsampaul, the Philosopher.  Come into his thoughts on poetry and Nigeria. Enjoy.   POETRY IS LIFE Poetry is the heart of art The ladder that take a person of exceptional talent to the top The light that brightens the life of human The echoes of children of the street Poetry is the prophecy of a prophet Poetry is not only what we do Poetry is who we are We write poetry, speak poetry, preach poetry We are poetry Poetry is the Mouth piece that speak peace more than a chief priest Poetry is the hope of the wussies Poetry is the future of the boys and girls who went and never returned Poetry is the calabash that can never be broken Because Poetry is life I'M EVERYWHERE Don't look for me in only a place of worship, I'm everywhere, anywhere you call on me, I'll be. I'm in your small dark room that lacks proper ventilation, Even though it is not like a palace;