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Why I wrote historical play 'Afonja' - Playwright, Sakky Jojo

Saka Aliyu PhD, (Sakky Jojo), published his first play Afonja in the year 2018. He had published a Prose earlier (Altine) in 2003 and he is into Poetry as well. We took him up with questions relating to his current work –Afonja- a historical play. First his biography, his goal of writing, the controversy surrounding the dramatic narrative of the play, the canons and the unique approach to them and the attention Afonja received in terms of performance and its use as a pedagogical drama text in tertiary institutions. Enjoy the interview:  UJ: Can we know who the playwright is? SJ: My name is Saka Aliyu, as I like to be simply referred to. Sakky Jojo is the pen name I have been using since my undergraduate days at Usman Dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto. I grew up in Ilorin where I was born and thereafter in Sokoto. I trained as a historian, with a terminal degree from Leiden University. I worked briefly in Benin, then Kaduna before joining Bayero University in 2008 as a lecturer.

Why we gave out 500 books during this lock-down - Next Page Bookstore

In April, 2020, at a time the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown was biting harder on Nigerians and many organizations were responding with donations of food, hand sanitizers and facemasks, the Next Page Bookstore came differently and announced a donation of books to Nigerians. In this interview, Aliyu Bashir Almusawi, the Sales and Marketing Manager of Next Page Bookstore, explained the reason for the book donation and spoke on other issues including book publishing and sales in Nigeria. Read on.   Could you please let us know who Aliyu Bashir Almusawi is? Well, you can describe Aliyu Bashir Almusawi as a bookworm and bookseller who is deeply in love with books and those who read them. I was born in Bauchi to a polygamous family, and as you know, growing up in such kind of tumultuous household is often full of hardship and futuristic uncertainty. So, I learnt to hustle at very young by eking out a living in order to keep my body and soul together. But that did not st

I did not set out to make a living via writing — Eriata Oribhabor

In this interview with Paul Liam, Eriata Oribhabor, Poet, Philanthropist, Culture activist, Civil Servant, former Chairman of ANA Abuja, and Founder of Poets In Nigeria (PIN), shares his thoughts on what inspired him into writing and other topical issues. He also speaks for the first time about his breakup with the 100Thousand Poets for Change organization, and what led to his founding of PIN. Read on. Besides your well known reputation as a promoter of poetry and young creatives in Nigeria, many people do not actually know your background, do you mind letting us in on who Mr. Eriata Oribhabor is? Eriata Oribhabor is a staff of the Federal Government, born and raised in Warri, Nigeria. He has a degree in Political Science from the University of Abuja. He moved from Warri on official transfer to Kaduna in 1996 and lived there till 2005 when same transfer took him to Abuja where he was to work till 2014 before moving to Lagos. Today, he is a resident of the city, Nigeria

Interview ~ I have been in that place of want ~ Teresa Oyibo Ameh

  BY PAUL LIAM     Teresa Oyibo Ameh also known as Aunty Talatu is fondly referred to by many as the Mother-Teresa of Nigeria, because of her charity work and girl-child empowerment programmes. A reputable writer of children’s works and author of eight (8) books, she is the author of The Torn Petal , and Founder of the Aunty Talatu Reads Foundation, which encourages reading culture in children and young adults. The Kogi State born philanthropist is also a successful Civil Servant and Board Member of FCT Basketball Association. In this interview with Paul Liam, she sheds more light on the inspiration behind her foundation and charity support for the less privilege members of the society. This interview was conducted via email.     I think my early challenges prepared me for what I do now. I can empathize because I have been there. I can relate because I know that pain   Please, could you give us a brief background to what informed the Aunty Talatu Reads Foundation?