Poetry By Sunsampaul Egwu

On Nigeria's Democracy Day, we serve you the poetry of Sunsampaul, the Philosopher.  Come into his thoughts on poetry and Nigeria. Enjoy.


Poetry is the heart of art
The ladder that take a person of exceptional talent to the top
The light that brightens the life of human
The echoes of children of the street
Poetry is the prophecy of a prophet
Poetry is not only what we do
Poetry is who we are
We write poetry, speak poetry, preach poetry
We are poetry
Poetry is the Mouth piece that speak peace more than a chief priest
Poetry is the hope of the wussies
Poetry is the future of the boys and girls who went and never returned
Poetry is the calabash that can never be broken
Because Poetry is life


Don't look for me in only a place of worship,
I'm everywhere, anywhere you call on me, I'll be.
I'm in your small dark room that lacks proper ventilation,
Even though it is not like a palace;
Just call on me.

I'm in the market place where noises are cooked and served to passerby,
No matter the sun and rain,
Flood and swamp in the market;
Just call on me.

I'm in the coven of your enemies that plot to kill you,
When they mention your name,
And invoke your image in a mirror,
My image will definitely appear to defend you.

I'm in the brothel, anytime you are there to win souls for me,
When temptation comes,
When seduction occurs,
I'll stand by you to keep your faith strong.

I'm in your kitchen and other room,
Inasmuch you call on me,
Made your knees kissed the ground just for me,
Stretched your hand in prayer,
You'll notice my presence.


Upon this road,
Noises were lost in mistiness,
The wind screaming amidst dancing trees;
Were journey dined with day and night.

Flash light from running vehicles chanting 'give way, give way,'
Bushes gossiping in a low tune.
A journey that seems unending,
A journey feeding on a lonely road.

Upon this road,
I drew close to Chad,
Even though my face look sad;
I still keep hope alive,
For I've a brighter life.

Even when darkness enveloped the road,
And when heavy wind slapped my face;
I still focused my direction to my destination,
For this lonely road has served me dinner.


Let heaven bear me with
That the change we voted is not what we
have seen
Even when we are innocent, they
claimed it is our sins
Our children are dying of cholera
No safe water to drink in this ghetto's

Let heaven bear me witness
That our eyes no longer sleep
Even the moon is afraid to take a sip
And the sun is hidden in heaven
So its duty won't be thrown into  coven

Let heaven bear me witness
That our parents now cry at night
They've all loose their sights
No tales to be told at moonlight
When there is no kerosene to make the
lamp light

Let heaven bear me witness
That the good now die while the bad still
Our universities are now vast cities of
No guidance for the students
No job for the graduate
No pension for the old ones

Let heaven bear me witness
That this excruciating pains
Have travelled through my veins
There's no chance for the young to reign
Those executhieves in politricks still loot
our money to overseas
Yet they claim we can't see

Let heaven bear me witness
That one day will come
When acid rain will rain on them
And then they'll know that these were the words I said
And then we all shall know the truth
As all their lies will leave their roots
And all evil doers will definitely loose
their hoods


With the 'hoos and the haas'
That eloped from the park,
That made Lagos bid me goodbye,
With her elongated hands and outstretched neck.

The loneliness in OOO route
Is tantamount to that of cemetery,
When passing Ogun, Oyo and Osun seems quiet
And the only voices heard are the lamentations of the wind.

Getting to Ilorin
Where vehicles stopped at every five minutes
Just for road checkup
By Police men, soldiers and custom officers.

This journey is not a Virgin,
This journey is not on her period
Going to Minna seems going to Millan,
Where road side snacks are costlier than t.fare.

Getting to sokoto,
You'll be tempted to check your shokoto,
To see if your patience has fallen,
For this journey is for only the brave.

Sunsampaul Egwu, popularly known as Philosopher, is a poet, a published motivational writer, an instrumentalist, a vocalist, a graphic designer, a computer scientist and a blogger.

He is the author of the African folktale ‘IKENNA AND THE ZEBRA’ (2014).
He has released his audio poem album titled ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO?’(2016) under the influence of Prince Ifeanyi Dike in Greenage Studio Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and an anthology of poems titled ‘SAVE THE WORLD.’ 

He's the award winner of ‘join me write’ poetry contest hosted by the poetry court and also winner of talented poet contest. He’s the President and Chief Sacristan of Armed Forces Altar Servers Association. He's the C.E O of Citadel of Life, a pioneer of Ghetto city of poetry, an active member and contributor of Peregrine Reads, Poets in Nigeria PIN, Figure of speech FOS, the poetry court, writers connect, talented poets, transformed family, 633 academy, words, rhymes and rhythm, LiteraNation, writers lodge, doveline poetry, ODP-African poets and vivid verses.

 You can reach him through Tel: +2348180861170and +2349098285261 Facebook: Sunsampaul Egwu, Twitter: @sunsaint96 Instagram: @sunsampaul, Gmail: sunsampaul4globe@gmail.com Ymail:sunday.egwu96@yahoo.com,