Photography Workshops: The Nlele Institute Calender of 2017 Workshops.

The Nlele Institute (African Centre for Photography), a Pan African Art Centre with focus on photography, video art and other lens/time based media has lined up workshops in 2017 for artists.
First quarter (March 2017)
1. Critical Text Writing workshops (continuation from 2016 series): 20th - 24 March, 2017.
2. Hidden In Between Lines: A workshop on Copy Rights: 27th - 31 March, 2017
Second Quarter (June 2017)
1. The Studio As The Artists Creative Citadel: 19th - 23rd June, 2017
2. Navigating A Multiple Lane Tunnel ( Workshop on how to conceive, start and complete a photography project with the aid of an effective research strategy): 26th - 30th June 2017.

Third Quarter (September 2017)

1. All Angles of A Story (Questioning the Indoctrinated Notion of The Single Story/Single Image)
    Date: 18th - 22nd September 2017.
2. Photography Matters (The Role of Photography/Image Creation In The face of Global Change).
    Date: 25th - 29th September 2017.

The workshop fees are N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira Only) for each workshop.

Venue: The Nlele Institute, 44 Ladipo Bateye Street, GRA-Ikeja, Lagos.

Inquiries can be directed to:  .
Faith Abiodun
Artist Liaison
The Nlele Institute
44 Ladipo Bateye Street