Forthcoming Book: Bushrah Books (Nigeria) To Release Tohib Adejumo's Short Stories in August.

THINGS WE COULDN'T THINK  by Tohib Adejumo (hard cover). Due August 2017.

In this powerful collection of short stories, Tohib Adejumo (author of the hit online series, Beneath Her Khimar) selects his finest stories about Muslim life and the realities and struggles of faith in this fast-paced, ephemeral world. From Tears in Her Eyes, Mornings Always Come, Things We Couldn't Think, Sparkling Eyes, A Tale of Blood, The Rain Was Not Playing and other stories in this collection, Adejumo explores the intricate depth of the human soul and its ultimate return to its Lord, and lays bare the humanity of his believing characters who go through the never ending drama of life - of love, betrayals, conflicts, doubts, marital rifts, as well as family and social problems.

Tohib Adejumo is a Nigerian writer and a socio-religious activist. He was born on August 18, 1992. He spent his childhood and adolescent years under the care of his grandmother in Ibadan, Nigeria where he attended Ad-Din International School. He graduated from Government College, Ibadan. He is currently pursuing a Baccalaureate Degree focusing on Socio-cultural Psychology and Sociology of Migration at the City University of New York. He resides in Brooklyn, New York.