New Book: Ogezi's New Play Released on Amazon

Isaac Attah Ogezi

Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, also popularly known as the blind Lady Justice, hails from the first generation of the line of the Titans in ancient Greek mythology. The myth woven around her in this play is aimed at bringing to the fore the universal theme of justice and its concomitant principle of equality of all before the naked eyes of the law which are the mainstay of the time-hallowed doctrine of the Rule of Law.
Themis is the mythopoetic story of the goddess’ passion for justice and equity far above primordial sentiments. It foregrounds the sacred place of justice above the wild call of consanguinity and romantic love. Told in a lyrical language that transports the reader or audience to the fabled Mount Olympus, the revered abode of the gods, the play demystifies the gods in the pantheon by conferring on them with some basic human attributes.

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Isaac Attah Ogezi is a Legal practitioner, Poet, Playwright, Short story writer and Literary essayist. He is published in several national and international anthologies, online journals and dailies. His published plays include: Waiting for Savon (2009), Casket of Her Dreams (2010), Under a Darkling Sky (2012) long-listed for the Soyinka and NLNG Prizes in 2014, Embrace of a Leper (2013), and The Threshing Floor - short stories (2014). His adaptation of Soyinka’s The Interpreters under the title: The Misfits won a 3rd prize position at the 2006 ANA International Colloquium to mark the 20th Anniversary of Soyinka’s Nobel Prize. His adaptation of Achebe’s Arrow of God under the title: Ezeulu came first at the 2008 ANA International Colloquium to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Other awards include ANA/Esiaba Irobi Prize for Drama 2010 & 2011, AWF/Zulu Sofola Award for Drama 2009, CHD/Ford Foundation Award for Creative Writing 2010, SONTA/Olu Obafemi Prize for Playwriting 2016  amongst others. He is currently the National Legal Adviser of ANA and lives and practises law at Keffi, Nasarawa State.